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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chocolate Tip of the Day

You can make chocolate-covered anything with minimal effort just by keeping M&Ms on hand. Chocolate covered pretzels? Just throw a few M&Ms and a couple of pretzels into your mouth. The same principal works for chocolate covered cashews, raisins, and peanuts. I discovered this during a lull at Phonathon one night and I can’t tell you how much it has improved the quality of my life!

I even know “someone” who made turtles in his mouth by adding a Kraft caramel to the M&Ms and pecans.

-Jeanette (aka, "Real Rock's Mom")


Blogger Kris said...

Who needs all that other stuff when you have the chocolate?

24 August, 2005 08:05

Blogger Jay said...

I don't know--I think that adding something ELSE good to chocolate increases its inherent goodness exponentially. Have ya had chocolate covered strawberries???

24 August, 2005 09:12

Blogger Kris said...

Only if they're made by you, Jay! You're right, the proper fruits can enhance the chocolaty goodness.

24 August, 2005 10:26

Anonymous Jeanette said...

I just got an email from a friend who knows someone with a different spin on this: she has her own jar of peanut butter (no one else in the family can touch it) and she says just drop in chocolate chips, stir, and pig out.

24 August, 2005 10:31

Blogger vander said...

This is completely off the subject, but tell me if I did the right thing here. On my way back from lunch, a man stopped me and said he needed gas money. We were standing in front of my house, so I pointed him to a shed in the back yard where we keep the gas can for our lawnmower. Rather than giving him cash - I was alone and on foot - I told him whatever was there was his. Then I left.

On one hand, I feel guilty for not handing him money. I had cash. On the other, there were some holes in his story and, while I wasn't afraid of him, I didn't necessarily believe him, either. So did I just look Jesus in the face and say, "Sorry, buddy. You're on your own," or did I err on the side of good sense?

24 August, 2005 12:55

Anonymous Jeanette said...

It's such a tough call, but I think that was the perfect answer. It showed compassion and willingness to help, but you didn't give him money to support an alcohol or drug addiction. (Unless he drank the gas!)

24 August, 2005 13:16

Blogger Jay said...

HOLY COW you guys. I just tried Jeanette's tip for myself. (BECAUSE SHE'S THE BEST CO-WORKER EVER, and actually brought me in pretzels and M&Ms). Anyway, it SERIOUSLY tastes like chocolate covered pretzels. I'm in heaven. This is the best afternoon I've had in weeks. And Teresa, you did the right thing. I'm a little concerned that he knows where you live, but other than that, I think it's OK.

24 August, 2005 14:13

Blogger Pete said...

VM, you did the perfectly right thing. You met his stated need. You didn't support his drug addiction but you might have helped his huffing addiction.

Jay, don't forget VM's moving in like 2 days anyway.

24 August, 2005 14:47

Blogger Citizen Grim said...

Your wording is crucial. Did you say "Whatever is in the shed is yours" or did you say "Whatever is in the gas can in the shed is yours?"

24 August, 2005 14:55

Blogger vander said...

Aha - here is where the vander molen is crafty. I cleaned out said garage yesterday. Not that there was much in the way of pawnable goods there to begin with. A very dusty super-soaker and a weedeating implement from the Carter administration had both been safely relocated prior to my invitation.

I seriously doubt this guy had any drug addictions. He was fully coherent. The situation was just weird. I hope I was helpful enough; that's all. I pretty much always assume strangers are lying, which can be considered a safety net but might not reveal the nicest things about my character. Whatever; it's done.

24 August, 2005 15:05

Blogger Kris said...

Well, VM, if someone needs money for food, I usually just give them the food. Better that you meet a real need. Oh, and they now have coffee flavored Kit Kat bars! Yum, I'm going to try one after my run today!

24 August, 2005 16:41

Blogger vander said...

What kind of sicko puts coffee in chocolate? Why would you torture an unsuspecting candy bar in that way? Enjoy it, if you can.

24 August, 2005 17:03


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