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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Stars Tip O Da Day

For those of you who enjoy shooting stars, there is a meteor shower called the Perseid that can best be seen between 1-5 am on Thursday and Friday August 12 and 13. Make sure the sky is clear, that you are in an open area and you are reclining or laying down as not to get a sore neck. The meteors will radiate from the constellation Perseus which in North America rises in the evening in the northeast. Happy shooting star gazing!


Blogger Jay said...

This sounds fun! I (heart) shooting stars!

11 August, 2005 09:15

Blogger Stephanie said...

Alas, due to the inspiration of Friday's tip, I was awake and alert to attempt to watch the meteor shower! Unfortunately, it was too overcast (or hazy?) to see any stars. :-(

12 August, 2005 09:01


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