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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Music Tip of the Day

My co-worker (not Pete) lured me into this one, although once I was in, I didn't regret it. In fact, here I am to pass my newfound wisdom onto you! At yourmusic.com all CDs are $5.99 with free shipping ALL THE TIME. Call me old school, and I love iTunes as much as the next girl (3 1/2 years and running), but I still like to buy a full-fledged CD - jewel case, insert, the works - now and then. To participate, you do have to join. The only requirement is that you buy at least one CD a month. You can quit at anytime. No seriously - ANY time. Also, you can buy as many CDs as you want. Buy one, buy 100 - all CDs on the site are $5.99 and free shipping. The (small) trick is this: on approximately the 10th of each month, they will charge you for one CD and send you whichever CD you have next in your queue. If there are no CDs in your queue, they'll charge you anyways and you won't get a CD. It's pretty easy to keep your queue full however - I'm currently lined up through July. They don't have everything on the site, as I've searched for several CDs I've wanted to no avail. But they have plenty that I do want, and for 6 bucks, and minimal red tape and soul-selling, I'm not complaining.


Blogger Andy said...

hahaha... that "soul-selling" picture is spectacular

12 March, 2006 14:40

Anonymous Thor said...

$5.99 is also a great deal for that random gift that says, "Just thinking of You." They'll have no idea that it really means, "Couldn't think of a CD I wanted this month."

"not Pete"

16 March, 2006 09:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i believe you can also get them at http://www.veassociates.com

22 May, 2007 14:08


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