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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Home Electronics Tip of the Day

If a stranger on the street wants to sell you a flat-screen TV at a bargain price, it's probably a good idea to open the box to make sure you're getting what you paid for.


Blogger Kris said...

On Jay Leno's "Sold or not sold", someone sold the box for an X-Box for almost $1000...I wonder if they thought the box was full.

06 April, 2006 11:19

Blogger Blair said...

I was born in South Bend.

06 April, 2006 12:48

Blogger Pete said...

Rob the Intern said he was from South Bend too.

06 April, 2006 14:57

Blogger Andy said...

Everytime I look at that article, it makes me laugh. Imagine being all excited about your new flatscreen tv, and you open the box and find... an oven door!

haha... even better if it's still all blackened and greasy...

06 April, 2006 17:17

Blogger Blair said...

You have an intern from Cre8tive Group?

06 April, 2006 21:19

Blogger Jules said...

yeah, Blair, we have interns on occasion here at 8G. whipping boys, we like to call them. peter was a whipping boy once. if you're nice, we'll tell you stories.

06 April, 2006 22:47


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