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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Acolyte Tip of the Week III

  • So you're an acolyte. Awesome. We a TodD are proud of ya. Here's another tip for you. Resist the urge to scratch any part of your body with your poker/lighter/snuffer combo. The gold and shiny nature of said poker will lend itself to a lot of attention. People WILL notice you doing it. Similarly, resist the urge to tap people on the shoulder with it from afar. Aside from that joke being "SOOOO 90s," you also could end up poking an eye out.


    Blogger Amanda said...

    I'm glad I get to read TodD because I did not know what an acolyte was until yesterday.

    Two out the links were illegal for me to see here at LCA.

    07 September, 2006 14:12


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