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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scuba Tip of the Day

If you're taking scuba lessons, here are two tips about "what not to wear." First, don't wear board shorts. When you're scuba diving, you'll have to wear a "community" wet suit (one that other people have worn). Because by their very nature they're tight and clingy, clinging to board shorts is not fun. Similarly, clinging to just your husband/wife areas is also not fun. The pros wear speedos, but of course, who wants to wear them? So, I thought, maybe I'll wear boxer briefs underneath! Pretty good idea, until the instructor tells you that after diving, you'll be doing the required swim test--and you'll have to TAKE OFF YOUR WET SUIT. I guess the tip would be, wear boxer briefs under your wet suit, but always carry a spare set of board shorts.

Stay tuned for Scuba week, coming soon…


Blogger JCo said...

Goodness Jay, that just sounds like awkwardness all around...how did you manage? Did you come back for the next class? Amanda...you didn't try to wear underwear did you? :-)

23 January, 2007 07:49

Blogger Amanda said...

Um...no comment.

j/k - The tankini was a wonderful invention. And by nature, most women's bathing suits are more fitted, so it works well with the wet suit.

23 January, 2007 08:47

Blogger Amanda said...

There was a guy in our class who had his own wet suit which I think he used sans bathing suit. When the instructor announced this, he said, "I have a sock." He was allowed to remain in said wet suit. He just had to add a weight belt.

23 January, 2007 08:51

Blogger Pete said...

Ahh, so now we have context for that quote Jason posted on the new Quote Board

23 January, 2007 09:45

Blogger Jay said...

And for some reason, sharing a men's medium wet suit was more palatable than say an XL. :-)

23 January, 2007 09:51


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