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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Scuba Tip of the Day VII

The main thing you'll learn from scuba divers is that you probably don't want to marry them. At least if you want a happy marriage. Turns out in a small cross-sampling of scuba divers, one was married for eleven months and realized it wouldn't work out, another was married for 23 years, but "it was a blessing when it was over..." Sad.

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Blogger JCo said...

Wow, what a pick me up. Eek.

06 April, 2007 07:50

Blogger Blair said...

Divorce is just wrong.

06 April, 2007 14:31

Blogger Citizen said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

06 April, 2007 15:11

Blogger Citizen said...

Just wrong? Always?

06 April, 2007 15:13

Blogger Citizen said...

whoops, sorry about the double post. *shakes fist at the interwebs*

06 April, 2007 15:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the people in Jason's post are doing it for petty reasons like the Hollywood celebs. Unless there is a huge amount of physical abuse or adultery it is. However I have heard of some couples who are willing to work through the infidelity.

06 April, 2007 16:03

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can even sanction divorce on the grounds of physical abuse they should at least for the time being seperate.

06 April, 2007 17:10


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