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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Whiteboard Tip of the Day

Hopefully this hasn't happened to you, but that you have seen it happy to someone else because it is pretty funny. A little over zealous about scribbling some notes on the white board, you grab the nearest marker and go to town. Only after you fill up the entire board with notes do you realize that Sharpies™ and white boards don't mix. Luckily the solution to this otherwise expensive problem is fairly simple. You have to trick the white board into thinking it was written on by a dry erase marker. Just mark with a dry erase marker (double check this time) over all of the "permanent" markings, and then erase as normal. White boards aren't very bright, so this is all it takes to get them to release the Sharpie marks.

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Blogger Amanda said...

I'm interested to see if this really works, but not interested enough to try it on my whiteboard.

01 November, 2007 13:18

Blogger Pete said...

It does actually work, I can verify that. It is pretty amazing to see!

01 November, 2007 15:15

Blogger Citizen Grim said...

Okay, here's a question - let's say you accidentally get ink from a sharpie on your sleeve. Could you scribble with a dry-erase marker all over it, and then wash it all out? Or is this just asking for more trouble.

06 November, 2007 15:44

Blogger Pete said...

I think it would work, if you could get dry erase marking out of your sleeve with a dry eraser.

06 November, 2007 17:09

Blogger Amanda said...

It does work! I tried it at home. We had this board in the garage with UK written on it from the previous owners. Now, after 3.5 years, it's clean! Thanks Tip O Da Day!

12 November, 2007 20:02

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