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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

PDA Tip of the Day 1

You've found yourself "a better half" - Congratulations! Public Displays of Affection, better known as PDA, can be a sweet way of showing that you care. It can also be a way to make other people's skin crawl. Balance is the key here. Here are some tips so that you will keep your friends from wanting to vomit every time they see you coming.

1. Don't makeout in public. This should be obvious, but some don't know. Yes, the line to get on a King's Island ride can be really long, but don't use that time to multitask on your partner's face. It's uncomfortable and people don't know where to look.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I dont know if God approved of the PDA in Jewish wedding ceremonies this is pretty much the equivalent of painting your house purple. Its not illegal and there's nothing in scriptures that even says its wrong, And since churches support watching people kiss each other at weddings I dont see anything wrong with watching someone make out either. But if people want to walk out of my wedding because I kiss my wife longer than a second then so be it.

28 December, 2007 20:01

Blogger Amanda said...

There's a big difference between a kiss and making out. And also a difference between a wedding (where a public kiss is expected) and other normal activities.

And just because something isn't explicitly outlawed in Scripture, doesn't mean that it is ok to do.

01 January, 2008 16:45

Blogger Holden Caulfield said...

I suppose if I'm completely honest with myself, the only problem I have with PDA is that you have no control over what the people look like or what level of personal hygiene they've devoted themselves to. There's also the matter of it being in a public place that is often communal in nature. Just because I want to run into Acme to get a snack does not mean I should have to watch soft-core pornography while waiting in line.

01 January, 2008 20:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So some people don’t have a problem with it as long as the people aren’t ugly? Thing is I doubt we all can come to an agreement on what exactly ugly is. Either way you’re going to have to show me one of those medical videos on TV before I get squeamish.

02 January, 2008 21:39

Blogger Citizen Grim said...

I run into Acme to stop ugly people from making out.

I'm like some sort of superhero.

03 January, 2008 00:02

Blogger Amanda said...

Saving the world, one day at a time. Nice work Grim and thanks for your service to humanity.

03 January, 2008 09:41


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