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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Little Income Tip of the Day

For those of you who to run a website with a fair amount of traffic. If there are online stores that you link to often (like Amazon), consider signing up for their Affiliate program. They'll give you a small cut (usually around 3%) for any purchases made by customers following those special links. More info on Amazon's program

For those of you who have friends who run websites. When you do your gift shopping, visit their site first, follow the links and then find the product you want to purchase. Now if I could only remember this tip myself.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apostrophe Tip of the Day:

Apostrophes show ownership, not plurality (i.e "friends" shows multiple people, whereas "friend's" shows something belonging to that person.)

18 December, 2008 22:17

Blogger Pete said...

And also the H in "Where" is not supposed to be capitalized, even if it does some at the beginning of a sentence with too many commas.

18 December, 2008 22:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It annoy's me silly when people's point out typo's and explain why theire wrongg, as if your an ignorent rube unfamiliar with teh rule's of grammer and shpelling. Its as if teh concept that it was might have been a simple mistake never occur's to them's.

And then they's sign "Anonymou's"

22 December, 2008 09:11

Blogger "The Queen of Free" said...

Grammar wars aside, this was a fantastic tip! Thanks, Pete.

07 January, 2009 13:16


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