CD Tip of the Day

We all know that metal and microwaves don't mix. One would infer from this statement that it would be a bad idea to place a CD in a microwave, what with the metalic layer and all. However, the brain trust of Pete and Jay Enterprises have informed corporate headquarters that it actually won't harm the appliance to "nuke" a CD (assumed after involved microwaves managed to continue their task of heating edible matter without any apparent, negative effect. Hey, we're all still here). It's actually quite a show. Kids, before you try this at home, let your parents know. And to everyone who attempts, don't let the CD catch fire, make sure the CD is cool before removing, and beware of the smell. Burning plastic stinks. When finished, hold the CD up to a light to see the "lightning" pattern.*

*Pete & Jay's Tip O Da Day, Pete and Jay Enterprises, and it's contributors and constituents cannot be held liable for an action encouraged and/or resulting from this or any other tip. Readers assume all responsibility for the safety of their property and person.


Jay said…
I concur. This was such an amazing feat of science. You'll want to see it. But, we can't vouch that your microwave, your CD, or you will be safe from the ensuing fireworks display. But try it anyway. Especially if you have a pre-World-War-II microwave like Julie's.
Anonymous said…
hahaha... the disclaimer is awesome
Pete said…
I agree with Andy. LOL funny.

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