Reserve Tip of the Day

Ever been out riding your new-to-you dirtbike and suddenly realized you're out of fuel and at least 5-10 minutes from home? Well, neither have we, until today that is. After coming this close to panicking, I remembered the reserve fuel position on the selector dial. That's right faithful readers, motorcycles (at least the Honda XR 100 variety) have a little thing known as a reserve fuel tank (aka, the-I-need-to-get-home-and-was-dumb-enough-not-to-bring-extra-fuel-with-me tank). So don't forget it and rest assured. Happy riding.


Kris said…
For those who don't pay attention to the idiot light on their car, it's too bad that there's not one in your car as well. That's pretty cool.
Jay said…
Yes. This very feature is the one thing that enabled me to get air on a sweet jump.
Pete said…
I wonder if chain saws have that

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