Bus Tip of the Day

or the Chivalry Tip of the Day

Alas, the time is long past when a true gentlemen would selflessly cast his coat over a puddle for a lady. For evidence one need travel no further than the city of Torino, Italy and travel the towns public transportation system. Indeed it is a sad site to behold when a strapping young lad rocking out to his iPod will not willingly give up his seat for a young woman, or worse, an ailing grandmother, worn and wearied from a lifetime of standing. He should not have to be asked. My tip: don't be the scalliwag who rushes to the nearest corner to rest your bum when others deserving more respect and honor are present. Gentlemen (this title can only be conferred by proof of action), this tip is for you. Sir Walter Raleigh, we salute thee.

I realize that this tip will no doubt generate at least a small discussion on feminism, women's rights, gender roles, and the like, and that not all will agree with me. Carry on.


Anonymous said…
Yeah isn't that where Raleigh North Carolina got its name from?
Jay said…
Keyser, you are wise beyond your years. There were plenty of times on public transportation when I, donning a large bag o' camera equipment, and large tripod still opted to stand when the fairer sex needed seating. And, I observed many a fit lad parking in the seat. What a world, what a world.
Pete said…
What is America coming to…oh wait.
CGrim said…
It probably wouldn't be dignified, but I think I would offer to carry the damsel-in-question before putting my clothes in the mud to be trod upon.
Anonymous said…
I'm all about the guy moving to let me have a seat ;)

Speaking of that, nothing is more annoying than when people walk through a door with you right behind them, and don't hold it open!

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