Looking Good on Camera Tip of the Day

This mini media training covers our best tips for looking better on camera -- condensed to a quick video. Everything from what to wear, how to make your shot look/sound better and some inexpensive gear to boot.

Live Streaming Tip of the Day

A quick tutorial for anyone looking to start a live stream, from churches to fitness instructors, musicians, restaurants, artists, event organizers, or Andy Beshear meme creators, this is for you. How to start a livestream for free, or is you have a little budget a breakdown of tried and tested gear to use:

22 Funny Triathlon Team Names

Looking for an awesome name for your relay triathlon team? Aren't afraid of a bad pun, here are a few team name ideas: Pretty Fly for a Tri Guy I Spy with my Little Tri Tri Not to Die Spry Aye aye Caption Tri High PSI Try 2 Vie Trilobites Bye Bye Miss American Tri Rock a Tri Baby It ain't no lie Tri me to the moon I just want to Tri Tri by night I believe I can Tri  Born to Tri  Learning to Tri Small Fry Quasi Tri Tri as we might We're so Trired Tritops

Streaming Media Player Tip of the Day

With all the good and cheap streaming media players and streaming sticks out there it is hard to know which is the best for you. The App Faceoff's Streaming Media Player profiler asks 4 questions and then recommends which streaming media player is the best for you comparing Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV vs Roku.

10 in 1 Tip of the Day

To make up for lost time, here are 10 Tips in one handy 2 minute video:

2014 Sochi Olympics Viewing Guide

With just two days until the Olympics, and about 500 hours of TV coverage spread across 5 networks, it can be hard to make sense of what's on what station and when. So we present: The Ultimate Unofficial 2014 Sochi Olympics Viewing Guide: Click for full size image This includes NBC, NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), USA Network, MSNBC, CNBC and even Gold Zone on For day by day breakdowns visit

Repurpose those race metals

Give those race metals a new look. Repurpose them into Christmas ornaments. Thanks to Steph for the idea.