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Lexington Tip of the Day

Just in case you need to shut someone up about, "there is nothing to do around here". 70 Free Things to Do in Lexington, KY

Board Game Tip of the Day

You should keep pens and paper in any box that requires score keeping or answer writing. A bag of popcorn wouldn't be a bad idea either

Screen Capture Tip of the Day

Geeky Sunday tip: If you've ever needed to show your family or the world how to do something on the computer, try Jing , it is Free Screen Capture/Screencast software for Mac and PC.

Emu Tip of the Day

This is an emu and I think he is crazy. You can see it in his eyes. -Jen

Facebook Tip of the Day

I use Facebook's "You should connect with..." as a useful tool for deleting friends. -Jay

Fall Tip of the Day

Just like serving a giant a salad, the best way to scoop up leaves is to use a large serving fork and spoon, but in the case with fall leaves a rake and a snow shovel. Video Demonstration:

Tea Tip of the Day

Don't put milk in lemon tea. Instant curdle. - @andyfowler

Browser Tip of the Day

If you hold down shift when you hit the reload button on most browsers it will clear the cache. (Thanks @storypixel )

Wrinkle Free Tip of the Day

How to make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with an Iron (Thanks @manic_mannix )

Oreo Tip of the Day

How to make Oreos better. (And some of you thought this wasn't possible) Thought process: Chocolate tastes good Chocolate and mint go good together Chocolate and peanut butter go good together The Result: Hextuple Stuff Peanut Butter Mint Chocolate Oreo

Cooking Tip of the Day

Baking Soda works surprisingly well as shower cleaner.

Allegiant Air Tip of the Day

UPDATED MAY 2012 & JUNE 2013 Allegiant Air  can be an inexpensive way to fly, plus they flight from smaller airports which can make it convenient if you don't live in a large city, but you'll end up paying a bit more then advertised. There are many fees and optional add-ons, but these tips and tricks can help you keep what you pay still dirt cheap. Avoid Fees There are tons of hidden fees, some of them you can't get around but many of them you can. Don't choose a seat When buying online, it almost looks like you have to pay a seating charge, but look closely, there is a little skip button that will save you some money. Don't worry they won't make you stand in the aisle. Book at the airport: Allegiant is charging at $13.50 $10 "Carrier usage charge" for buying your ticket online (and tack on another $10 $15 for buying over the phone). Regulators said there has to be a way around the fee so you can buy a ticket at the ticket counter

How to Make Sweet Tea

A visual guide to make a gallon of sweet tea: Step 1: Buy Big tea bags: Step 2: Put 2 tea bags in water: Step 3: Boil water to make tea: Step 4: Pour hot tea into pitcher: Repeat steps 2 through 4 with the same 2 tea bags. Or if you only want to do these steps once, use 3 tea bags. Step 5: Add lots of sugar: 1 cup is equivalent to Kentucky. For more northern sweet tea add less, for more southern sweet tea add more. Lots more. Be sure to visit your dentist often. Step 6: Add ice (get it? Iced tea): Step 7: Stir sugar, ice and tea together: Step 8: (Not pictured) add enough cold water to top it off. Step 9: Invite me over

Record Tip of the Day

Want to be the best at something? Now here is your chance. The Universal Recorded Database has every word record imaginable. If it's not on there, you've been the first to imagine it. Congrat's, you can probably make that in to a world record

Lexington Breakfast Tip of the Day

Chick-Fil-A's in Lexington, KY are giving away free Chick-n-Minis every Thursday morning through March. Again this is only for the four Lexington, Kentucky locations.

Refi Tip of the Day

If you bought your home during the housing bubble you may have an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) that is getting ready to adjust soon. Now is a great time to refinance, but you already knew that. A cheaper alternative to refinancing is called an "ARM to Fixed Rate Conversion". Not all lending institutions offer it, but check with yours. It is a great way to lock in a low rate, and will only cost you a couple hundred dollars in fees compared to a couple thousand that you'll have to suffer through with full fledged refinancing.

Excel Tip of the Day

For non-advanced Excel users like myself, I always find the need to merge the text from two columns into one. For example, the first and last names are in separate columns but I want them to be in one. While there is no "Merge Columns" command, it is actually pretty easy to do with a simple formula. Step 1: Create a new column where you wanted your merged data to be Step 2: Enter a formula like this: =B1&" "&C1 B1 is where the first name is. C1 is where the last name is, and " " means you want a space between them. The & does the merging.

Super Bowl Ads Tip of the Day

You can learn some important things by watching the commercials during the big game. You can learn that dreams do come true, that year after year MC Hammer is still willing to make fun of himself, or that a man kissing a monkey is gross. Most importantly you can learn that tomorrow February 3rd from 6am to 2pm you can get free breakfast at Denny's . P.S. GoDaddy's Super Bowl ads continues to give the internet a bad name, for those of you considering purchasing a domain name, there are alternatives. May we recommend .

Print Quality Tip of the Day

If you use a Lexmark black and white laser printer, you can improve the quality of the grays in your prints by going into the printer driver settings and turning PictureGrade on. Why it is not turned on by default is another question entirely.

Free Coffee Tip O Da Day

Stop by Panera today and get a complementary coffee.

Knockout Tip of the Day

Don't take Claritin and Nyquil together unless you want to sleep for 16 hours. - Grim

Car Wash Tip of the Day

Most car washes aren't open below freezing, but even if you find one that is, don't go when it's only 9 degrees! Your car turns into one big ice ball. - Aus

Deals Tip of the Day

Money is tight now and we need to unite, with that in mind there is a site where people help each other find deals. At Slick Deal and Dealnews Raw new deals are uploaded all the time by site members. - Evea

Insurance Tip of the Day

When sending in prescription receipts you paid with out of pocket for reimbursement there are a few guidelines you should follow. 1. Make sure the time limit hasn't expired 2. Find the correct the form if applicable and follow the instructions. 3. Make sure the receipts are legible. 4. When taping more than one receipt on the same page make sure they don't overlap important information such as the DAW, RX numbers and NDC numbers. 5. Send in a cover letter if you think it would help better explain your situation. 6. Technically you don't have to be civil in your cover letters but it can help.

Clean Hair Tip of the Day

Sauve offers everyone in America a free bottle of shampoo today ! Have Happy and Well Maintained Hair for free. :) - The Queen of Free

Birthday Tip of the Day

Today is Tip of the Day's 4th birthday! Can you believe it? 4 years old. So go check out those tips from the first month …and then be inspired to submit your own tip . Cause you sure know we haven't been inspired much recently

Advertizing Tip of the Day

If you're trying to promote an upcoming season for a TV show, don't say "This January" unless you're actually sure it's going to be this January. For those who don't get that, the backstory is that when the promo said "This January" they were saying that this season of 24 would be out in January 2008. But in reality due to the writers strike this season of 24 is coming out in January 2009. Possible spoilers.

Cruise Fees Tip of the Day

Cruises are advertised as pretty cheap. It isn't rare to see prices below $200. I've even seen some short cruises advertised in the double digits. But as we know from cell phone companies, the advertised price isn't the price you write the check out for. Here are some of the hidden fees you can expect to pay: Taxes and Fees: Varies of course. But a 3 night Bahama cruise will have around $35 USD is taxes and fees Fuel Surcharge This was an issue in 2008 with high gas prices, but since oil prices have dropped, these fees have been dropped as well. But if oil prices climb again, be on the lookout! Tip/Service Charge: All cruise lines is require a service charge or recommend a tip amount. It varies slight by cruise line, but a good rule of thumb is $10 per person per day. For exact amounts based on your cruise line check out the Cruise tip Calculator Excursions & Spa: Sadly the onboard Spa isn't included in the price. Excursions are activities arranged by the cruise