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Jet-lag Tip of the Day

Jet-lag can be hard to overcome. But if you follow my patented four step program, you'll find yourself refreshed and invigorated in no time at all after traveling. 1. Try to sleep a little bit on your plane ride over. It'll help pass the time. 2. The day you arrive, stay awake until the sun goes down. 3. Sleep in way late the next day. Try to get 12-14 hours of sleep. 4. Re-hydrate yourself by taking a long bath and drinking plenty of water. It'll help to flush your body of any toxins you may have accumulated from flying next to people without deodorant, or with mucussy coughs. You will be good to go!

Coinage Tip of the Day

Pocket-change actually has significant value in Europe. What may look like 85 cents in your pocket could actually be 17 euros! I made this discovery promptly after I learned that many countries offer coinage in amounts as high as 2 euros!

Torino Tip of the Day V

If you're in a foreign country, and your SIM card in your temporary cellphone goes bad, and you have to try to explain, in a foreign language that you don't know, that your SIM card is bad, but you want to keep your same cellphone number, you should just not even try. You and everyone around you will become so confused and people will actually forget what a SIM card even is. And they'll send you to a Tabbacheria to buy loose women, tic-tacs and deodorant, all the while inviting you to have a spontaneous cuddle party.

Torino Tip of the Day IV

People from Torino are exceptionally nice, and very helpful. In a place where I spoke little to very little of the native language, I felt very welcomed and never belittled for my American ignorance. In fact, several people offered to let me use their cellphones when I was lost and confused. Because America already has a bad rap to the rest of the world, my tip is just a small thing you can do to help prevent our nation from being bombed. :-) That's right, just be nice to foreigners whenever you see them. They're trying their hardest to fit in and are probably scared and alone, and remember that some day you could be in the same position.

Torino Tip of the Day III

If you're on a flight from Torino bound to Paris, France, (OR ANY FLIGHT FOR THAT MATTER) make it a POINT to wear freaking deodorant, and brush your dang teeth. For the good of humanity, spend two bucks and buy some to prevent your nasty smells from wafting to everyone on the entire airplane and wondering who is making tacos. As much as you've heard deodorant contains aluminum and may cause cancer, it won't hurt you and will NOT set off airport metal detectors.

Torino Tip of the Day II

You know how they always say, "When in Rome..."? Well, I figure that because Rome is in Italy, you can probably also say "When in Torino, do as the Torino-ans do." The good folks from Torino like to be all up close and personal with their significant others. On the public buses, street corners, malls, restaurants, etc., nothing stops a Torino native from "getting all up on" the person they're with. So, if you go to Torino, bring someone special. And have a 24/7 cuddle party with them.

Torino Tip of the Day I

If you're ever in Torino, Italy you'll find this tip quite helpful. In Italy, a "Tabbacheria" or "Tobacco Store" sells way more than cancer-causing agents. In fact, they sell everything from prepaid cellphone cards to loose women, to drinks and even pastries. So, if you're looking for a miscellaneous and sundried item, look no further than your local tobacco store, conveniently marked with a large letter "T."

Rehydration Tip of the Day

When traveling via plane, you may notice that despite your best efforts to drink plenty of water, you still can't quite find it in your bladder to urinate. My theory is that it's because your skin dries out due to the lack of humidity in the stale recycled airplane air. Delta Airlines recommends washing your hands and soaking them in water to help you rehydrate, but I found a better idea, tested just for our Tip-reading audience. According to people who are smart, your skin is actually the largest organ in (well, I guess ON) your body. So, if it dries out, it's gonna take a LOT of water to replenish it. So, take a bath! I did this, and found that that night I woke up not once, not twice, but THRICE to urinate. TMI? Maybe so, but you will thank me when your supple skin can retain its moisture.

Pest Control Tip of the Day

Never throw a live mouse into a fire with the leaves and trash. There are more traditional ( and humane ) ways of rodent co n trol , and you'll avoid winding up as the borderline- Darwin-Award guy with immediate bad karma: - U.S. & World - Flaming Mouse Burns Down Man's House . Ah, poetic justice.

A Late Mixer Tip of the Day

Hey Tipsters , got more Ale-8 than you know what to do with? Back over New Year's there was some question as to whether there are any cocktails your average upstanding goal-oriented bartender could make using that Sweet Nectar of Winchester. Once more, Wikipedia comes through in the clutch! Apparently, Ale-8 can be combined with bourbon to make a "Kentucky Classic." Or mix it with vodka for a "Tender Lovin'." They don't have any quantities, though, so you're on your own there.

Frost Tip of the Day

This may not apply for today, if you're having a warm spell like we're having here in Kentucky (or ever if you live in Florida) But during this time of year there is Wintery weather, and no one wants to have to scrape their car in the morning. Well not all of us have spots in the garage, so its a necessary evil. Except on sunny mornings. Park you car facing east, so that if the sun pokes out its lovely head in the morning, it will start the melt the frost on your windshield. Now you can take that five extra minutes you were going to spend scraping and sleep in!

Blinging Tip of the Day

Need some "Bling"? You can grab a pack of 100 Rhinestones for $13!

Dating Online Tip of the Day

If you are trying to impress potential dates, don't use your mug shot as your profile photo. You never know, they might randomly select your picture for a predominately placed ad on the web somewhere.

Breakfast Tip O Da Day

For those of you who eat instant oatmeal, I have found that if you add a Hershey Kiss or Mini Reese Peanut Butter Cup to your bowl and stir it really livens the oatmeal up. :-) Sometimes I even add two or maybe even three to get the nice chocolate/peanut butter flavor. Go ahead give it a will never go back to plain old oatmeal again.

TXTing Tip of the Day

Ok, so someone forgets some cash, and they need to pay you back for that Snickers King Size that they just HAD to have. Well if you're like me, you're going to forget that they ever borrowed money from you. But say I owe you more then 79¢ and since I'm not big on stiffing people, it is now possible to pay friends back via text message .

Stupid Microsoft Tip of the Day

Unfortunately even us Mac users are sometimes forced to work under the tutelage of Microsoft products . And one of the most annoying things for me is when Microsoft THINKS it knows (better than I do) what I'm trying to type. For instance, if I want to type a web address in my email client, Entourage (at work) it ALWAYS wants to capitalize the first "W." Another example is if I want to pluralize the word "CD," it should read "CDs" but Microsoft wants it to read "Cds." My favorite is if you ever type "Dear So-and-so," it will say, "It looks like you're trying to write a letter. Do you need help?" So, I recently discovered a work around, that some of you may know. If at any time Microsoft second-guesses your human ability to reason, immediately hit "Command-Z" (CTRL-Z on PC) to Edit>Undo. It will basically undo the stupid correction Bill Gates tried to make. Does anyone else find it mildly insulting that som

Olympic Tip of the Day

Above: Torino 2006 Olympic Mascots. Yes, I know. Weirdest thing ever. If you happen to find yourself in charge of the Olympics, or in charge of graphic design for the Olympics, or on ANY committee that has to approve things like mascots for the Olympics, please use a little bit more sense and don't make weird things like this. I mean, what ARE these things? And why are they saying "UAUUUA!" I actually think that's the noise Peter makes when he's excited. I am thoroughly confused. Maybe this is something meaningful in a different culture, but I don't know how it could be.

Icon Tip of the Day

No matter how tempted you may be, do not EVER use this as your icon on MySpace™, Xanga, Blogger, IM, whatever. Do NOT.

Fitness Tip of the Day

Anyone else look at the weather channel to decide what to wear when running outside? The has a fitness comfort index for your running pleasure. Do you plan your workouts around the weather? While everyone has their own definition of optimum workout weather, a few parameters -- temperature, precipitation and humidity -- can be used to determine how comfortable it is for exercising outdoors. The Fitness Comfort Index is based on these parameters and was created to help you identify the best time to exercise. The scale for the Fitness Comfort Index is as follows: 10-8: Most Comfortable 7-4: Moderately Comfortable 3-1: Uncomfortable

Euphemism Tip of the Day

Jumping Jehoshaphat! Who knew that just about all of the "minced oaths," a sub-group of euphemisms used to avoid swearing when expressing surprise or annoyance, mean what they really mean? Well, some of them (Cheese and Rice, for example) are pretty obvious. Here's a sampling, and please excuse my expressions as I present them as examples: Jeepers Creepers --> Jesus Christ For Pete's sake --> For St. Peter's sake Sacré bleu --> Sang de Dieu (God's blood) See them all here: For all of you users with firewalls, there are a few "choice words" on this site, so browse with caution! As for the tip...well, it's up to you how to respond, but it might give you pause the next time you say "Cor Blimey!" --Courtesy of Odessa

Sweater Tip of the Day

You really should wear another shirt under your sweater. Especially wool sweaters Bonus tip: Did you know, if typing properly (ie. not hunt and peck) that you can type "sweaters" using only your left hand? The same goes for "star wars".

Bible Tip of the Day

You may accidently leave your Bible somewhere some day. And when you do, you'll be glad if you took the 30 seconds and put your name in the front. This way even if you lost it months ago, it might still turn up. Some might need to take this tip to the next level. Such as one individual on the Tip O Da Day staff, you might loose it often enough, that you should just put your address on the front cover. This tip is also good for your retainer.

Morning Mix Tip of the Day

Looking for a quick pick me up in the morning? Have a big test to take? A big meeting? Have to wash some ducks? But don't like this universe's most popular caffeine filled morning drink, coffee? Solve that quickly, just take half a cup of Real Florida Orange Juice and add half a cup of Mountain Dew , and bam! you've got a Morning Mix™

Double-Dipper-Groundhog Tip of the Day

That's right folks, today is a bi-partisan tip. Two for one! Our first tip is to look down a few paragraph's to Andy's "Katrina Tip of the Day" and please, do yourselves a favor and click on the links to images. Funny stuff. Second tip is to re-read Peter's Groundhog Day Tip from last year. Happy Groundhog Day!

Double-Dipper-Groundhog Tip of the Day

That's right folks, today is a bi-partisan tip. Two for one! Our first tip is to look down a few paragraph's to Andy's "Katrina Tip of the Day" and please, do yourselves a favor and click on the links to images. Funny stuff. Second tip is to re-read Peter's Groundhog Day Tip from last year. Happy Groundhog Day!

Sick Tip of the Day

So with another work year upon it, we have to start planning those vacation days. The last thing you want to do, it waste a perfectly good day off, on a perfectly bad day to take a day off. Well thanks to the assistance of the 2006 Sick Day Calendar we have a good starting point as to when to best use our personal days, for maximum effectiveness.