Morning Mix Tip of the Day

Looking for a quick pick me up in the morning? Have a big test to take? A big meeting? Have to wash some ducks? But don't like this universe's most popular caffeine filled morning drink, coffee? Solve that quickly, just take half a cup of Real Florida Orange Juice and add half a cup of Mountain Dew, and bam! you've got a Morning Mix™


Amanda said…
Well, coffee is the most popular drink here in the States. In other parts of the world, tea is probably most popular caffenated beverage.
JCo said…
Is this Morning Mix tasty?
CGrim said…
tea may be popular elsewhere in the world, but in the universe, coffee is way ahead. in the Lalande 21185 system, it's their #1 import, narrowly beating out Loch Lomond and Elvis memorabilia
Pete said…
Thanks Andy for providing that research for us.

Tasty? Um, it's not as good as Real Florida Orange Juice or Mountain Dew on their own. But its good enough to drink. It tastes pretty much exactly as you might think it would.

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