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Packing Tip of the Day

When you travel alot it is easy to get cocky and not give yourself enough time to back, but you might think you have everything because you "do this all the time". Well that's where I am, but I still forget stuff, or at the very least go crazy trying to make sure I have everything. Just make a default packlist that you can print out before you go on a trip. It may not have everything you need, but it is meant to be a good start to make sure you have the basics/common items. I do it for video shoots at work, why for vacations?

Hidden Fee Tip of the Day

Sick of getting screwed by you cell phone, cable, financial and other "services"? Listen to How hidden fees can getcha, and what you can do about it Update: More

PDA Tip of the Day 2

No Groping. You don't have to be touching the entire time you are together. An arm around the shoulder or holding a hand is fine, but aware of how your actions may distract others. In church last week, there was a man who kept rubbing his wife's shoulder. This would have been ok if she wasn't wearing a down jacket. Every movement made an annoying swishy noise. I'm trying to pay attention to the sermon and all I hear is "swish, swish, swish." It's also weird to play with hair and massage backs and necks in public. Keep movement to a minimum.

Trash Tip of the Day

You should have a trash can in every bathroom. Not everything is flushable. You don't want anyone to " wreak havoc on the plumbing ."

PDA Tip of the Day 1

You've found yourself "a better half" - Congratulations! Public Displays of Affection, better known as PDA, can be a sweet way of showing that you care. It can also be a way to make other people's skin crawl. Balance is the key here. Here are some tips so that you will keep your friends from wanting to vomit every time they see you coming. 1. Don't makeout in public. This should be obvious, but some don't know. Yes, the line to get on a King's Island ride can be really long, but don't use that time to multitask on your partner's face. It's uncomfortable and people don't know where to look.

Christmas Tip of the Day

Did you not get any presents today? Ek, sorry about that. There are 2 likely causes. Either 1) You are on the naughty list or 2) You forgot to crate your overly protective dog and he wouldn't let Santa get more then a toe down the chimney.

Regifting Tip of the Day

If you are a regifter, then make sure you don't give the gift to the person who gave it to you. I had this happen one time. It's a bit awkward and rather humorous. So, if you are serious about regifting, then you should keep a log of who gave you what. You also have to be careful of what circle of friends/family, you regift things to. They might recognize your patterns. Better to be safe than sorry.

4x6 Tip of the Weekend

Expecting a digital camera for Christmas? Now you just need to print some of your best shots. There are lots of companies providing that service these days, and most of them will give you some free prints just for signing up. has a complete list totaling 380 Free Prints

Candle Tip of the Day

The attic is a great place to keep things out of the way when you are not going to need them for a while, like Christmas lights. But it is not a good place to keep things that will melt, like Christmas candles. There is one advantage to keeping them in a warm place all year, you'll have a truly unique decoration! Thanks Jen and my co-works

Fish Tip of the Day

I think if I had fish, the bathroom would be an interesting place to keep them. A lot of people have fish or ducks or other oceany things decorating their bathroom anyway. They would give you something to watch during those down times when you're not Swiffering. Plus, when they die, you don't have to go very far to "bury" them.

One Thousandth Tip of the Day

You probably can't believe it, but this tip that you are reading at this very minute is the one thousandth Tip O Da Day! We have also had over 2,500 comments. It has been nearly 3 years, of everything from the silly to the stupid. But don't go back and read every single tip because it takes about five hours. We know, because we went through the effort to put together this list of our 100 "Best" tips: Some of our milestone tips: Our tip from Dec 31, 1999 Our first tip Our 101st tip . Celebrating one year of tips . Our 500th Tip Some video from the party celebrating our 500th tip Our 800th tip Our Christmas tip/gift from last year Great Serieses: SuperBowl Tips 1 & 2 The Cheapskates Guide to Parsimony, Parts I , II , III , IV , V Vander's excellent Marriageability Tips of the Day A , B , C , D Words not to call women: Brute , Thick , Beast , Big-Boned , Stocky Guide to Keep the Government from Seizing your Property, Part I , II , III , IV and V . Part VI is a

Swiffer Tip of the Day

Want to do something productive during your "down" time in the bathroom? Keep a Swiffer™ within arms reach. If you have a small enough bathroom, you can easily turn a couple minutes while you sit there into some productive time by tidying up the floor with a quick sweep.

Shake Tip of the Day

The guy at McDonalds may ask "Are you serious?" But a half strawberry, half chocolate milkshake is actually pretty good. Just ask Steak n Shake . The best part about it is you get a slightly different flavor in every sip.

Free Tip of the Weekend

For those designers out there needing affordable stock photography, nothing is more affordable than free. Even though it is not advertised when you sign up, StockXpert evidently gives you 5 credits just for registering! That is enough to buy a couple of images, in a pinch they may be all you need.

Mattress Tip of the Day

Mattress makers, like others in the specialty store industry, are really good at marketing. Remember the true purpose behind getting a good mattress, so you'll be comfortable sleeping and when you wake up. Ignore coil counts, and all that other stuff the sales person will confuse you with. Just get a comfy matress Debumking the mattress myths.

Greesy Tip of the Day

Sometimes it happens, a bottle of motor oil gets crushed and leaks all over your duffel bag. It happens to everyone. But instead of doing what you have always done, and just throw those clothes away, try this. Goo Gone is basically citrus powered magic. Spray it on, follow the directions and rub the grease out with a clean rag. It may take a couple of applications and the rest of your afternoon, but you won't have to throw your clothes away again.

Grammer Tip of the Day

If something grabs your attention it doesn't peak your interest, it piques your interest.

Lame Tips of the Day

So "The Nest", a magazine given to people who registered for while they were planning their wedding, looks interesting on the cover, but always proves to be less then so once you really read the articles. For example, they have an article about how to "fake a fabulous party". Take a gander at these lame "tips" and our commentary: "Buy French fries from your favorite take-out place just before the party" - Yum, everyone likes cold limp French fries. Serious, the slow eaters of the world know that they should eat their fries before their burger aka. while they are still good. "Buy freshly made cookies from a bakery…and, yes, say you baked them yourself" - All your fiends love a little dishonesty for dessert. Want to make them really excited about cookie, rip open a bag of Oreos, and have plenty of milk on hand! "Use store-bought Caesar salad dressing instead of making it yourself" - That's not a tip, that'

Repeat Tip of the Day

There are a couple tips that are so good, that they almost appeared twice in the nearly 3 year history of Tip O Da Day. Three of such are Apple to Apples Tip of the Day Coinstar Tip of the Day Cookie Tip of the Day Thanks Andy, Amanda and Pete

Meat Department Tip of the Day

Rumor has it that grocery stores use dye to make their meat look fresh. The truth? According to Oklahoma State University they don't . The FDA and USDA don't allow food processors to dye meat, but there is a small controversy about using carbon monoxide to color meat . Thanks Blair and Anna for alerting us of this potential

Id Bracelet Tip of the Day

If you have a baby, make sure the nurses don't tie the id bracelets too tight. Or your newborn may get scrapes on one of her arms and feet.

American Idol Tip of the Day

Ok we all know some of it was a publicity stunt but if you're auditioning for American Idol make sure Simon doesnt get bored with you or you may get to meet Mike.

Chocolate Bunny Tip of the Day

Just in case the need ever arises, here are three ways to kill a chocolate bunny .

Is It Christmas Yet Tip of the Day

If you're unsure whether or not today is Christmas, bookmark this handy tool , and the answer is never more than a click away!