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Allegiant Air Tip of the Day

UPDATED MAY 2012 & JUNE 2013 Allegiant Air  can be an inexpensive way to fly, plus they flight from smaller airports which can make it convenient if you don't live in a large city, but you'll end up paying a bit more then advertised. There are many fees and optional add-ons, but these tips and tricks can help you keep what you pay still dirt cheap. Avoid Fees There are tons of hidden fees, some of them you can't get around but many of them you can. Don't choose a seat When buying online, it almost looks like you have to pay a seating charge, but look closely, there is a little skip button that will save you some money. Don't worry they won't make you stand in the aisle. Book at the airport: Allegiant is charging at $13.50 $10 "Carrier usage charge" for buying your ticket online (and tack on another $10 $15 for buying over the phone). Regulators said there has to be a way around the fee so you can buy a ticket at the ticket counter