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Driving in Germany Tip of the Day Part 5

Speed limit going from 130 to 100 on a rainy day ? A recommended speed of 130? Yes, I said that. Just remember that speed limits in Germany, where they drive on the right side of the road (it's England that drives on the left), are in km/h, not mph. So, 100 really means 62. And, 130 is around 80. So, it's really not quite as fast as you'd think. It's also interesting looking at cars without American specifications, as they always tell you how many kilometers are on the car, and how many kilometers you get per liter of gas. Prices of gas are insane. They look great when you get here...€1.35 for regular fuel. But, that's Euro's per liter. So, you're looking at $6.84 gallon. Feel lucky when you go to the pump today! I hear Italy had a week long gas strike last week! And, I don't want to drive in England where the dollar is doing even worse!

Driving in Germany Tip of the Day Part 4

Just because there are no stop signs (there are only a few, and most of them are near the American bases), doesn't mean that you don't have to stop. In the case that there is no sign on your road, you have to yield to a driver coming from the right. It looks funny, but at every intersection on a non-priority road, drivers slow and crane their necks to the right to see if anyone is coming. If you have a priority road, you'll see a yellow diamond inside a white diamond up and down the road. If you're approaching a priority road from the right, you'll have a yield sign. There are lights, and for some reason, you'll see stop signs almost exclusively accompanying stoplights. There is one funny thing about it though...the light turns yellow before turning green too. And, a right turn is NOT allowed on red. I'm sure we come to Germany to drive as fast as we want on the autobahn. I'm sure Germans want to drive in the states so they can turn right on red

Driving in Germany Tip of the Day Part 3

In the states, to get to where you're going, lost or not, if you know the general direction of your destination, you're set to go. Going from Lexington to Louisville, head west. To go from Lexington to Connecticut,drive in a north easterly direction. In Germany, however, there are no indications on the autobahn (their word for highway, just in case anyone thought it was a specific road over here) of direction. Your city may also not be listed. For example, to get to Frankfurt, I first have to head toward Kaiserslautern on two separate autobahns before I see a sign to Frankfurt. Because there are no signs for Baumholder, coming back, I have to head toward Mainz, then something I can't remember, then Kaiserslautern, then Kuzel, then finally I exit at Fraisen. So, you really have to know the towns that are close by, and where they are in relation to you in order to get to your final destination. And, rather than saying, well, I headed east to get here, so I go west to

Driving in Germany Tip of the Day Part 2

Be extra cautious when spending New Years in Germany. The parties are bigger, and the beers are bigger. Not only are the beers about 60% larger than they are in the states, but they also contain 5% alcohol rather than the US standard of 3.5%. Yes, getting a beer at a bar is cheaper than buying a carbonated beverage, but if you're driving, that one beer thing might not be low enough. The legal limit for driving under the influence in Germany (DUI), is .05, unlike in the states where it is .08. Now, they do grade the punishment based on how over the limit you are, but all punishments come with at least a night in the slammer waiting for your buddies to bail you out. Or, the higher ranking officer if you're in the military. Or, the principal if you are a teacher. I've been told, however, that for the German New Year's celebration, the fireworks start at 11 and go well past 2 am with the whole town firing them off so you can see them at all 360 degrees! To review,

Driving in Germany Tip of the Day Part 1

The speed limit changes. I know, we've all heard that on the autobahn, you can drive as fast as you want, because there is no speed limit. On many parts (the parts that say 130), that's essentially true. Now, the 130 is a recommended speed, not a speed limit. This means, if you're exceeding that speed and get in an accident, its automatically your fault, no matter what. This is especially true if you're an American. General rule of thumb, if you're an American driving over here, and they can make it our fault, then it is. But, just because it was 130 on your way to Kaiserslautern yesterday, doesn't mean that it is today. They have adjustable speed limits. They are done digitally, so on a particularly windy day, the speed limit will be lower going over a bridge. On a rainy day, it will be lower everywhere. While I don't believe these places are monitored with cameras, as are the smaller roads, it's for your safety that you follow these general g

MacBook Tip of the Day

Even though it's not officially supported, Final Cut Pro will run on a MacBook (non-Pro). Color and Motion won't though, but who uses those anyway. Hello $1100 mobile edit bay!

Travel to Europe Part V

Here are some miscellaneous tips for traveling: Don't lean back in your chair in coach, especially on long flights. It cramps the poor person behind you who is cursing at you under her breath. These seats weren't really made for reclining. That extra 1.5 inches you gain feels like 12 ft lost to the person behind you. Be kind, don't recline. Fanny packs should be neutral colors (tip by Clarissa). Fanny packs are very useful while traveling. If you are going to forgo fashion for the sake of convenience, at least choose a color that does not make you stand out, like black, brown, beige, etc. Be prepared to pay for the use of a bathroom. Most of the time you can get away with finding a free one, but sometimes you must pay the piper. Hence, the quote, "I feel like I should stay in here until I have to go again." If you decide to go on a military post while overseas, prepare to spend the rest of your life there. They need your passport, DNA, blood analysis, 5 references

Travel to Europe Part IV

The stylish eye masks the airlines give you on long flights can double as a headband or pirate eye patch. You might be invited to a costume party while you are there, so don't throw it away.

Travel to Europe Part III

It takes a long time to travel across the ocean. During your flight, you can peruse through the SkyMall Magazine. Here are some novelties you may need: Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball Machine (your house will become the hub of fun for all get-togethers) Pop-up Hot Dog Cooker (who doesn't want toasted buns) Mademoiselle Floor Lamp (you are going to Europe) Voice Activated R2-D2 (because robots are cool) Easy Mount Window Cat Door (because the friends you're visiting might have a cat) Forest Faces (some things should be left to Mother nature) Basho The Sumo Wrestler Glass Topped Table (scary) Moisture-Wicking Sleepwear (to alleviate night sweats) Astronaut Suit (if you want to go further than Europe) Tropical Yard Decorations (your neighbors will love you)

Travel to Europe Part II

You're in Europe, cruising the autobahns and roadways. You see zero cops and think, "Hey, you only live once." Don't succumb to temptation. There is video surveillance throughout Europe and you may receive a hefty ticket a couple months later. Also, if someone is following you, don't go 100 mph. It's hard to follow, especially in the rain and the dark. An indication that you might be going to fast is when the front seat passenger puts on her sunglasses (at night) to keep herself from getting too scared.

Travel to Europe Part I

Packing and planning is an important part of any trip. Here are some things you need to make sure you have before you leave the country: Passport (obviously) - leave at least 6 weeks to get it if you don't already have it AND check your expiration date Paper copies of everything (tickets, plans, emergency contact, etc) - make sure another member of your group also has this information Sleeping Pills - this will revolutionize your way of travel - bite the bullet and get them! Tide Pen/Shout wipes - you never know when you're going to get dirty (like I did on the first day) Camera - You're going to Europe; take a camera and take lots of pictures. You won't regret it. Good shoes - This includes shoes for walking as well as "hot shoes" that only match with one outfit (again, it's Europe - splurge a little).

Father Tip of the Day

Today's tip is a simple one: don't forget to wish your dad a happy Father's Day!

Caffeine Tip of the Day

We found a great article to you quit consuming caffeine , or at least save you a few star-bucks.

Artsy Tip of the Day

One day, you decide that you want some art in your room. You head to Michael's to pick out a poster of some famous paintings. You find one you like and decide to get it. Stop. Ask yourself, "Does this look painting look like anyone I know?" If the answer is yes, you may want to reconsider. It's a little creepy unintentionally hanging up a picture of your friend .

Ultimate Tip of the Day

If you like frisbee and/or hanging out with people, then come play Ultimate Frisbee on Wednesdays at Shillito Park at 6:30pm. [Ed note: Also a reminder, that today is Cow Appreciation Day ] Update: Actually, it's JULY 13th. Our bad.

Elderly Tip of the Day

(via one of those viral emails) If your kids take away your drivers license, try this…

Cow Appreciation Tip of the Day

Cowboy (girl) up . . . Mark it on your calendar now, July 13th. It's your freebie tip 'o the day. In honor of "Cow Appreciation Day," Chik-fil-a is giving out a free combo meal or a free kids meal for anyone who comes in dressed from head to toe as a cow on July 13th. If you come in partially dressed (i.e. a cow purse or a cow hat, etc.) you can get a free entree. There are ideas at this link and more details, too. For instance, they suggest coloring an old white t-shirt with a marker to make cow shirts . . . From: Cherie

File Name Tip of the Day

Depending on what operating system you're using the maximum number of characters allowed on a file name is around 250. So when sending someone a zip you can send them an email message or a flirty correspondence in the file name. Be creative.

Swingin' on Main Tip of the Day

If you live in the Lexington area, you should check out Swingin' on Main on Saturday, June 9 from 7-11. It's FREE! There's a dance lesson from 7-8. It's located on Main Street right by Triangle Park. Also, grab a water bottle so you don't get dehydrated.

Free ROOT BEER FLOAT Tip of the Day

Editors' note: We wanted to get this tip up early so you can take advantage of this great tip! Summertime is the perfect time to play Pinky and the Fonz. Grab your baby, load your Ipod with 50's tunes, and head on over to Sonic for a cheap date at the drive-in. Thursday, June 7 Sonic is giving away free root beer floats from 8pm-midnight. Just be careful about making out in your car, it is a family-oriented restaurant! Perhaps you should head out to Lookout-Point, or behind the Cunningham's house. For more details and restaurant locations check out their site .

Tip Tip of the Day

OK, for the love people. We are about out of tips, so here's today's tip. If you want to keep Tip of the Day alive, you've gotta contribute some tips. Thanks. -The Management

Fence Building Money Saving Tip of the Day

Fencing can be a DIY project , but it's not for the weak of heart (or body.) Building your own fence is one project that will save you LOTS of money, but may cost you your back and/or your friends ( unless you provide beer , although, you may have crooked fence posts.) Especially in Kentucky , it won't take long before you hit solid limestone, and will have to bust it to smithereens. It's also imperative to maintain perfect distances, straight lines , and horizontal and vertical levelness. While one of the more challenging DIY projects I attempted, I did save about $1,200 doing it myself!

Tuning Tip of the Day

If you have a piano and need it to be tuned, you can probably trust a guy named Ron Sharp. Chances are your piano won't be flat. :-)

Google Tip of the Weekend

Right here on Tip of the Day, thanks to Fowler , we have all the information you ever wanted on how Google ranks pages!

Friday Tip of the Day

Just because it's Friday, watch some reruns of "Full House" to remember those good old TGIF Friday nights!