File Name Tip of the Day

Depending on what operating system you're using the maximum number of characters allowed on a file name is around 250. So when sending someone a zip you can send them an email message or a flirty correspondence in the file name. Be creative.


Jay said…
1. I really want to know who this alleged zip file was sent to, and what the encrypted message said.

2. I really want to see said person click on the file name, and scroll through the filename.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
1. The file was sent to Nina. She lives in California and is one of the friends I talk to online. She wanted me to send her the files on my Carmageddon CD because she wanted to see what the car who looks likes Hammerhead from Twisted Metal looks like. The name of the file I sent through IM was Hey_Nina

2. We did not record her reaction on webcam but I think she said something like lol.
CGrim said…
I have a file on my computer entitled:

Primitive Radio Gods - "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand" (extended album version).mp3

It's not so flirty, though.
Anonymous said…
I didnt think mine was either.

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