Driving in Germany Tip of the Day Part 3

In the states, to get to where you're going, lost or not, if you know the general direction of your destination, you're set to go. Going from Lexington to Louisville, head west. To go from Lexington to Connecticut,drive in a north easterly direction. In Germany, however, there are no indications on the autobahn (their word for highway, just in case anyone thought it was a specific road over here) of direction. Your city may also not be listed. For example, to get to Frankfurt, I first have to head toward Kaiserslautern on two separate autobahns before I see a sign to Frankfurt. Because there are no signs for Baumholder, coming back, I have to head toward Mainz, then something I can't remember, then Kaiserslautern, then Kuzel, then finally I exit at Fraisen. So, you really have to know the towns that are close by, and where they are in relation to you in order to get to your final destination. And, rather than saying, well, I headed east to get here, so I go west to go home, you have to remember if you passed the destination on the way there to determine if you go towards it on the way back (like heading to Trier both on the way to Luxembourg and on the way back). Maps and GPS are my friends!


Amanda said…
Yeah for the GPS. I struggle enough with directions over here in the States. I'm glad I wasn't the navigator in Germany.

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