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Pullup Tip of the Day

Don't shave immediately following an upper body workout. Tired arms may not be as precise with a razor blade as your skin would prefer.

Ikea Tip of the Day

Flat pack boxes, alen wrenches, funny names and all, are catching on as totally awesome in the US. As you work to enhance your Ikea experience, follow this handy 3 step guide First download the song and listen to it while you read the rest of this tip Make your own Ikea furniture name Assemble new creations by using the Ikea hacker guides

Car Buying Tip of the Day

How to Buy a Car in 6 minutes: Warning: Picture of rude gesture for 15 seconds

Phone Tip of the Day

Cell phones are just so small and flimsly. They don't provide anything near the traditional phone experience, but their convience takes the cake. But with this little beauty, you can have the best of both worlds: