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Refi Tip of the Day

If you bought your home during the housing bubble you may have an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) that is getting ready to adjust soon. Now is a great time to refinance, but you already knew that. A cheaper alternative to refinancing is called an "ARM to Fixed Rate Conversion". Not all lending institutions offer it, but check with yours. It is a great way to lock in a low rate, and will only cost you a couple hundred dollars in fees compared to a couple thousand that you'll have to suffer through with full fledged refinancing.

Excel Tip of the Day

For non-advanced Excel users like myself, I always find the need to merge the text from two columns into one. For example, the first and last names are in separate columns but I want them to be in one. While there is no "Merge Columns" command, it is actually pretty easy to do with a simple formula. Step 1: Create a new column where you wanted your merged data to be Step 2: Enter a formula like this: =B1&" "&C1 B1 is where the first name is. C1 is where the last name is, and " " means you want a space between them. The & does the merging.

Super Bowl Ads Tip of the Day

You can learn some important things by watching the commercials during the big game. You can learn that dreams do come true, that year after year MC Hammer is still willing to make fun of himself, or that a man kissing a monkey is gross. Most importantly you can learn that tomorrow February 3rd from 6am to 2pm you can get free breakfast at Denny's . P.S. GoDaddy's Super Bowl ads continues to give the internet a bad name, for those of you considering purchasing a domain name, there are alternatives. May we recommend .