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Facebook Video Tip of the Day

Wish Facebook Video had a little bit of code where you could easily embed the clip on another site? Well for some reason they don't want to be cool like YouTube. But be frustrated no longer. If you have Firefox you can install an addon that will give you the handy embed code. You can get the addon from . Then just scroll down to "Firefox Addon" (since only web geeks use Greasemonkey, you can skip all that stuff)

Telemarketing Tip of the Day

I got a phone call this evening asking for Mr. Morris. I immediately knew this was going to be fun. "This is CSA calling on behalf of…blah blah blah…firefighters…blah blah blah". As she was rattling off her script, that she has said one too many times to avoid blurring the words together, I remembered a tip I had heard somewhere, sometime before. When she got done explaining that they have a gold level of support front $50 and a silver level of support for $25. I asked her what cut of the money the company receives for their fund raising efforts. She instead told me how much the firefighters get: 25% ! Can you believe that? She went on to tell me there was a bronze level of support for $15. Doing some quick math, that means that the firefighters would be getting $3.75 of every $15 I were to donate. All of a sudden, I'm not the one who feels bad for turning down telefundriasers, I would feel worse if I actually donated.

Blackout Tip of the Day

If the power is out, and it is night, be extra very careful when you're brushing your teeth. Because even thought it is shaped like toothpaste, and feels like toothpaste, it may actually be Timewise face cleanser.

Peeps Tip of the Day

With Easter practically here, what are you going to do with all those marshmallow birds and bunnies. Here is an idea. Use them as a stress ball, and then when you just can't take it anymore, bite their heads off.

Comic Recycling Tip of the Day

If you're one of those people who claims not to like Garfield because you "don't like talking cats who eat lasagna," then boy, are you in luck today. Check out Garfield Minus Garfield - a revolutionary comic strip for the modern day!

Leadership Tip of the Day

1,000 sheep led by a lion is more dangerous than 1,000 lions led by a sheep.

Sock Tip of the Day

I recently pinpointed the cause for my disdain toward laundry. It all stems from the socks. I don't mind putting most of my things away, in fact, it gives me pleasure to see my drawers bustling and full. ( TWSS ). But the dang socks. They just rub me the wrong way. They stick to your underwear and tees, they're balled up and still wet , and the dryer always seems to snack on a few. They're the only items in your laundry that need to be paired up, so they take a lot of time to sort, fold and put away. So, to avoid my hatred of sock-sorting, I started just doing laundry and throwing them in a bin, thinking it couldn't be that hard to find mates as I'm getting ready in the morning. But, I was very wrong. In fact, it took so long that I often found myself just wearing mismatched socks rather than hunt through. Even Cheddar was stressed: he began carrying around way more socks than ever. So I asked Fowler if he had any suggestions for my sock woes , and alas, he did.

American Idol Tip of the Day

For those who dont know the show is rigged. The producers only let you see what they want you to see. Auditioners have the wear the same clothes for days to make it look like they're only there for a day. There are judges who have to put you through before you even get a chance to see Randy, Paula, and Simon. They put bad people through just so Simon gets a chance to zing them and it seems like the producers only advance people with interesting backstories time and time again. But the flip side of this is its voting time and we are the producers now so to speak. Thats why I encourage you to Vote for the Worst. Making Idol a joke by having bad people make it through when they're not supposed to and watching the producers cringe makes for good TV. For more info go to We put Sanjaya through week after week and this year we're going to make sure Danny Noriega gets the special treatment.

Blu-Ray Tip of the Day

Well it's official . Now that Wal-Mart & Warner Brothers have both agreed to exclusively support Blu-Ray, there is no longer a big question mark as to what will be the disc type for watching High Definition movies at home. The other competitor was "HD DVD", not to be confused with regular "DVD" that we know and love. This whole deal was just what would be the new standard for HD movies. Regular old DVD will still be with us for many years to come for sure, but if you want to watch the latest movies on your big widescreen TV, then you might want to consider Blu-Ray as it will take advantage of every last pixel.