American Idol Tip of the Day

For those who dont know the show is rigged. The producers only let you see what they want you to see. Auditioners have the wear the same clothes for days to make it look like they're only there for a day. There are judges who have to put you through before you even get a chance to see Randy, Paula, and Simon. They put bad people through just so Simon gets a chance to zing them and it seems like the producers only advance people with interesting backstories time and time again.

But the flip side of this is its voting time and we are the producers now so to speak. Thats why I encourage you to Vote for the Worst. Making Idol a joke by having bad people make it through when they're not supposed to and watching the producers cringe makes for good TV. For more info go to We put Sanjaya through week after week and this year we're going to make sure Danny Noriega gets the special treatment.


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