Sock Tip of the Day

I recently pinpointed the cause for my disdain toward laundry. It all stems from the socks. I don't mind putting most of my things away, in fact, it gives me pleasure to see my drawers bustling and full. (TWSS).

But the dang socks. They just rub me the wrong way. They stick to your underwear and tees, they're balled up and still wet, and the dryer always seems to snack on a few. They're the only items in your laundry that need to be paired up, so they take a lot of time to sort, fold and put away.

So, to avoid my hatred of sock-sorting, I started just doing laundry and throwing them in a bin, thinking it couldn't be that hard to find mates as I'm getting ready in the morning. But, I was very wrong. In fact, it took so long that I often found myself just wearing mismatched socks rather than hunt through.

Even Cheddar was stressed: he began carrying around way more socks than ever.

So I asked Fowler if he had any suggestions for my sock woes, and alas, he did. In fact, I think his suggestion was in jest, but I think it's brilliant.

He suggested trashing my stash of current socks, and replacing with all the same sock. That way you ALWAYS know the socks will match up! Genius? Or insanity? I decided to modify it a bit by getting all the same black socks, all the same tan socks and all the same brown socks (and keep my running socks). I put all of my "specialty socks" in a bin, mated up, and only to be brought out in emergencies. That way, after my next load of laundry, I'll just have to reach in, find one black sock, and another, and I'll be matched up!


Amanda said…
I can't hardly stand how cute Cheddar is in those baby pictures. Such a little fluffers!!!

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