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Aussie to American English Conversion Chart

It’s not so much the words, but how they are used. For example: Aussie = American Collection = Pick-up whilst = while give way = yield pram = stroller buggy = golf cart give it a go (givadago) hire = rent dummy = pacifier  motorway = highway booking = reservation take away = to go voucher  mind = watch essential = required capsicum = bell pepper lemonade = lemon flavored soda ring = call lift = elevator no worries = no problem biscuit = cookie

Facebook Tip of the Day

Want to try out that new Facebook app? Sure you do! Afraid of what it is going to post on your wall? Sure you are! So next time you don't want to risk it, just set the app's post to only by seen by yourself by selecting "Only Me" in the app authorization dialog:

Broken Glass Tip of the Day

So you have shards of glass all over the floor. After a good sweeping drop some slices of bread on the floor and use them to collect the glass crumbs. As to what to do with the bread crumbs after that, I have no idea. -Thanks Liz

Hairdryer slash Necklace Tip of the Day

Put on necklaces on AFTER drying your hair. The metal gets really hot! -Amanda

iPhone Data Tip of the Day

Running up against your monthly usage limit on your iPhone? Even if you are not touching your iPhone there are things happening in the background including checking email and other things over the internet even if you don't have a Wi-fi connection. You can easily turn off the cellular data (3G) connection. 1: Go to Settings app 2: Tap on "General", then "Network" 3: Which "Cellular Data" to "Off"

Microwave Splatter Tip of the Day

For decades it has been know that to keep your microwave clean when heating up soup, fondue, or magma to cover the container with something like a napkin or paper towl. Well napkins droop and create a gross soupy mess. So to keep the napkin mess from replacing the microwave mess, use an upside down coffee filter. If you are short on coffee filters, I have a few spares I could lend you: - Thanks Mike

Cost To Drive Tip of the Day

For some reason driving your car feels free, and just going to gas stations that is expensive. This nifty and surprisingly accurate tool will let you know what is the Distance & Cost To Drive . All of a sudden air travel & public transportation sound cheaper.

Salesman Tip of the Day

This is one of those tips I thought I posted log ago, but instead long ago I procrastinated. Making large purchases can be pretty daunting, especially once you realize everything is negotiable. I feel like it is Me vs. Trained Sales Agent. I found this great collection of theories about persuasion and now I feel like it is a little more of an even battle. Watch out, cause advertising uses lots of these same techniques. For more interesting reading on the topic see Lessons learned from Buying a Rug in Turkey

Valentine's Day crowds too much?

Are you one of those people that stay in on Valentine's Day to avoid the crowds? Well, why not go out with your sweetie for breakfast or lunch? You may have the place to yourselves. That is what Peter and I discovered when we went out for breakfast. Try it, you might just start a yearly tradition!

Watch Those Sales

You see a sale sign under an item at the grocery store. You assume the item is on sale. But Pete & Jay's Tip O Da Day says you better double check that advertised sale by raising the sale tag to see the regular price of the item. Be a smart shopper!