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Flight Tip of the Day

I just booked a flight to Austin the other day. I'm taking NWA since they had the best flight times and price. I don't have a frequent flyer card with them and know if I start one it would take forever to get any amount of miles worth anything on it. But, turns out their partners with Delta , who I have all my frequent flyer miles on, and I was able to give NWA my Delta SkyMiles number and I was able to credit the miles for the flight to my Delta account. As far as I can figure this partnership works both ways.

Wrinkly Butt Tip of the Day

If you have a wrinkly butt and are ashamed of it, and afraid many will have to see said butt, whatever you do, don't do what these women did. Vanity is NOT worth it! From SALINAS, California (AP ) -- A former beautician who injected cooking oil into a woman's buttocks as an anti-aging treatment, killing the client, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Martha Mata Vasquez, 39, who pleaded no contest in October to involuntary manslaughter, practicing medicine without a license and fraud, apologized during Wednesday's sentencing hearing. "I'm very sorry to my family, and I'm sorry to them (the victims and their families)," the married mother of two said. Vasquez had charged clients up to $1,400 for each injection of Mazola corn oil, claiming the "French polymer" treatment would reduce wrinkles, prosecutors said. Maria Olivia Castillo, 46, of Castroville died in November 2005 of multiple organ failure caused by a fat blockage brought abo

Bad Breath Tip of the Day

Normally when a significant other says " you have bad breath " that means you should go and brush your teeth, gargle, etc...what it could also mean is that you have strep throat. If the bad breath is persisting for days and seems to persevere through constant brushing sessions, then perhaps you have bacteria in your tonsils and you should seek a Doctor. ~Phil

Quote Tip of the Weekend

You should always be careful about what you say. Just look what happened to John Kerry last year . And those of us running Tip O Da Day are notoriously bad about that. So with the help of Amanda, we have found a way to convert our bad quotes (and yours) into fun and profit (mostly fun). So this weekend, in the spirit of our birthday two weeks ago, very proudly announce the official release of Amanda's Quotebook . And we're not done introducing new stuff yet!

German Grocery Tip of the Day

If you ever find yourself shopping in a German grocery store, there is one thing you must remember. They do not provide bags, so you have to bring your own. I'm not sure if this applies all over Europe, so I'll have to be sure to test it out! They do sell Gelati in the ice cream section, and they sell it by the liter!!

Tour Tip of the Day

Some cities are more friendly than others. In Luxembourg City, Luxemburg (yes, they distinguish the spelling by not having an "o" in the name of the country), you may find yourself in luck if you happen to be a tourist. Just stand on the street corner with a map, fairly close to one of the tourist offices . If man comes up to you to ask what language you speak (they speak both German and French, but most people there speak English as well) Just kindly tell him. It may turn out that his job is to wander the streets looking for tourists to take them on a tour called "1000 years of history in 100 minutes". Granted, the tour actually takes about 3 hours, and that's only if you tell him that you're hungry and are going to eat lunch now, but the tour is free, friendly, and you'll see a lot more than you ever thought you would.

Joke Tip of the Day

To appear fun in a crowd of mostly strangers, get a friend to laugh historically hysterically at your joke. And if you're your jokes aren't really that good, just finish it when someone gets within earshot with an off the wall punchline such "The one with the limp!"

Scuba Tip of the Day

If you're taking scuba lessons, here are two tips about "what not to wear." First, don't wear board shorts. When you're scuba diving, you'll have to wear a "community" wet suit (one that other people have worn). Because by their very nature they're tight and clingy, clinging to board shorts is not fun. Similarly, clinging to just your husband/wife areas is also not fun. The pros wear speedos, but of course, who wants to wear them? So, I thought, maybe I'll wear boxer briefs underneath! Pretty good idea, until the instructor tells you that after diving, you'll be doing the required swim test--and you'll have to TAKE OFF YOUR WET SUIT. I guess the tip would be, wear boxer briefs under your wet suit, but always carry a spare set of board shorts. Stay tuned for Scuba week, coming soon…

Ski Tip of the Day

When skiing in Europe, I've found a slightly different experience than anything I've tried in the US. Yes, they still have the nice 4-seater chair lifts that will take you up the highest peaks. Yes they still have lifts that you don't sit on, but rather you are pushed up the hill on the easier slopes. However, their lifts are quite different. There are no T-lifts or J-bars. There is only a small disc. You simply place this disc between your legs, and hang on tight, and it will pull you to the top. Now, there are many ways to fall off, and many people, mostly little kids and snowboarders, do fall off well before getting to the top. My tip? When you reach the top, you do have to remember to let go...

iPhoto Tip of the Day

When making a photobook in iPhotos, if you want to remove a photo, either from the book, or out of the selection of pictures you have ready to stick in the book, simply drag the photo to the area off the "page". The area that would be the desk or table that the book is setting on acts the same way as hitting delete. Except you get a satisfying poof animation. Thanks Jen

Micro-Meal Tip of the Day

Often times microwaveable meals have very detailed instructions, at least up until the "eat" part. Usually it tells you to cut a slit in the plastic, microwave on high for 4 minutes, let stand for 1-2 minutes, and then the somewhat elusive "enjoy." So, if you're insanely bored some day, call the customer service number on the package and explain to them that you're "not from around here" and you got through all the steps but you don't understand how you're supposed to "enjoy" their product. What exactly do they mean? Sure to get a laugh from you, and a story for the representative to tell their friends!

How To Tip of the Day

Have you ever wanted to make the starship Enterprise out of an old 3.5" floppy ? Or how to lie on a polygraph ? Or how to thwart an abduction attempt ? Then check out . You can even have it as an option on a Google home page . Many of them are quite interesting. -Amanda Congrats to Amanda for being the first to use the Guest Tipper Form

Luxembourg, Luxemburg Tip of the Day

According to our wonderful, free, private tour guide in Luxembourg, the time to visit is definitely in the summer. At this time, the underground fortifications are open for you to visit, and you can see much more. As it was, in the winter time, on a very nice day, the sites above ground were stunning....however, they have many gardens to visit as well, which I'm sure are also much more beautiful in the summer.

Train Tip of the Day

It takes a little while to get use to taking the trains in Europe. A good thing to remember is that they are always on time. If your train takes off 10 minutes early, you are not on the right one. If your lucky, you'll be able to deboard at the next stop, and catch the next train...the right train. But only if you're lucky enough to speak French and understand that's what the guy on the train who only speaks French is telling you! Of course, if your train happens to side swipe a car on its way through town up a mountain to your resort, then, it may be late...but never early! So keep a good eye on your watch because several trains pass through each day on each platform .

24 Tip of the Day

24 is an exciting show to watch. But how much cooler would it be to be as buff as Jack Bauer? (He's still looking pretty good for being tortured by Chinese for 20 months) So instead of just watching cell phone commercials during the break, buff yourself up by doing 24 push-ups or sit-ups during the commercials. By the end of the season, Jack Bauer is going to have to watch his back! -Thanks Andy S.

RSS Tip of our Birthday

Today is Pete & Jay's Tip O Da Day's 2 year birthday! RSS, you may have heard of the term, or seen in on some web site somewhere or even seen the official RSS icon but most people don't know what that means or more importantly how to use it. What is means is the hard question. How to use it is the fun part: Who else has had this senerio: You want to see when someone updates their blog, but not have to check it every day and worse yet, not forget to actually check it after its been a while. Using RSS with an RSS Reader you can check all your friends blogs in one place. We recommend Google Reader . If you are a Mac user, Safari has a built in RSS reader or you may also want to try Vienna . And Tip O Da Day actually has a gift for you . Sticking with the RSS theme for today's tip, we have another fun thing made possible thanks to RSS. The Official Tip O Da Day Widget for Mac OS X 10.4 users. Unfortunately, we don't have a Widget for Windows users. But but their i

Fraud Tip of the Day

As far as credit card fraud goes, there is a crime known as "skimming." Someone whom customers trusted with their credit card for a legitimate transaction will swipe your card and basically do small transactions all month to siphon bits of money from lots of peoples' accounts. They skim small transactions to hopefully slip under the radar of customers who don't take a close look at their bill every month. Many of the transactions will be routed through port cities like New York, cities in Florida, etc. According to the always reliable Nicholasville Police, there are an unusually high number of fraud-related credit card issues, especially "skimming", that emerge from Chinese/Asian restaurants. Allegedly, a very otherwise reputable Chinese restaurant in Nicholasville was closed down for this reason. So while you don't want to stereotype, you may want to play it safe and pay with cash a little more often.

Ear Tip of the Day

Or, things you should note if you are heinously stupid: "If you constantly try to remove all of the earwax, it strips the skin of its protective oily barrier. You also may cause damage to the skin by injuring it when you remove earwax with rigid objects such as toothpicks, paper clips, pencils, and pens." I'd really like to see someone decide that it's a really great idea to remove their wax with a toothpick. Frankly, I'm surprised they're still alive! (from U.S.

Applebee's Tip of the Day

Cleverly Applebee's doesn't list the price of their soft drinks on the menu (but does boldly announce "Free Refills"). That is because a Pepsi costs $2.29. So just don't do it. Don't buy a Soft drink/pop/coke whatever you want to call it.

Celebrity Tip of the Day

Jay, of "Pete & Jay," and his celebrity lookalikes Ever hear people say to you, "you look like someone..." but neither you nor they can put a finger on it? If the possibility of you having a long-lost twin is driving you mad, you can narrow down the search using a great "celebrity lookalike tool" from Simply upload a photo of yourself, and it'll tell you who you look like. Be prepared for a few very close matches, and a few, well, not so close matches. We invite you to share your lookalikes with us. Here are the steps: Go to and click on the face recognition link. Upload your photo, and follow the onscreen instructions. Publish a collage (link near the top) Post a comment on Pete & Jay's Tip of the Day Link to the URL provided in your collage.

Flea Tip of the Day

Everyone's looking to save money. So why bother putting expensive flea-B-gone on your dog or chinchilla in the winter months when most fleas and their tick brethren are hibernating. Well if your dog or chinchilla decides to take a trip south during the winter he or she will be ill prepared because fleas in warmer climates have to work year round to make ends meet. So treat your pet before your trip, or you could be coming back with your very own three ring flea circus. And since flea circus profits have fallen through the floor in recent years, you don't want that. -Thanks Pablo

iTunes Backup Tip of the Weekend

No one wants to lose gobs of their personal data due to a hard drive crash, but it happens to the best of us. In such an event, obviously, you'll hate life a lot less if you've backed up recently. So, that's the first tip. Backup weekly if possible. If not possible, make it possible. The second tip is how to reimport your iTunes music (because iTunes likes to be a little anal about retaining control of your music library file.) Here's how it works: First, make sure you have all your music gathered and backed up, and that you've kept everything in the "iTunes Music" folder. You should have a file called "iTunes Library" or "iTunes Music Library" in this folder. If not, you may have an XML file. Hold down the "Option" (Mac) "Alt" (PC) key and while holding it, open iTunes. This will prompt you to select the whereabouts for your iTunes library data. Simply navigate to that file, and let iTunes begin the import process.

Bounce List of the Day

One of the emailed around the web things. But contains more tips then the standard hick joke emails. And of course we spiced it up with some of our own experience. Supposedly the US Postal service sent out a message to all letter carriers (Which brings up a good question, do mail carriers deliver mail to their own house, or do they just bring it home from work?) to put a sheet of Bounce in their uniform pockets to keep yellow-jackets away. And according to the person who wrote this email, it really works. The yellow jackets just veer around you. All this time you've just been putting Bounce in the dryer! It will chase ants away when you lay a sheet near them. It also repels mice. Spread sheets around foundation areas, or in trailers, or cars that are sitting and it keeps mice from entering your vehicle. It takes the odor out of books and photo albums that don't get opened too often. It repels mosquitoes. Tie a sheet of Bounce through a belt loop when outdoors during mosquito se

Payment Tip of the Day

Even if you put your mortgage in the bank across the street from your real bank there is a good chance it may still make it to the proper bank and your mortgage will get paid. Thanks Renee

Pool Tip of the Day

Here are a few things NOT to do if you're NOT in a pool. (Thanks to our friends at Don't Be That

Earphone Tip of the Day

There are many things you can get at the Dollar Store on the cheap. But handsfree devices for your cell shouldn't be one of them. They kind of bring the whole "Can You Hear Me Now™" thing to a whole new level.

2007 Tip of the Day

It's a simple one folks--remember to write 2007 instead of 2006!