Fraud Tip of the Day

As far as credit card fraud goes, there is a crime known as "skimming." Someone whom customers trusted with their credit card for a legitimate transaction will swipe your card and basically do small transactions all month to siphon bits of money from lots of peoples' accounts. They skim small transactions to hopefully slip under the radar of customers who don't take a close look at their bill every month. Many of the transactions will be routed through port cities like New York, cities in Florida, etc. According to the always reliable Nicholasville Police, there are an unusually high number of fraud-related credit card issues, especially "skimming", that emerge from Chinese/Asian restaurants. Allegedly, a very otherwise reputable Chinese restaurant in Nicholasville was closed down for this reason. So while you don't want to stereotype, you may want to play it safe and pay with cash a little more often.


Amanda said…
This is another good reason to use cash. Dave Ramsey would approve if you do!

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