German Grocery Tip of the Day

If you ever find yourself shopping in a German grocery store, there is one thing you must remember. They do not provide bags, so you have to bring your own. I'm not sure if this applies all over Europe, so I'll have to be sure to test it out! They do sell Gelati in the ice cream section, and they sell it by the liter!!


Amanda said…
What's the difference between gelati and gelato?

Anyway, the Bellagio in Las Vegas has some AMAZING rich and mouth is watering just thinking about it.

In Argentina, they will deliver ice cream to your house. They come in these styrofoam containers. You can get a split order too, where half is one flavor and the other half is something else.
Amanda said…
Question of the Day: What's your favorite Ice Cream store?

Mine is Graeter's.
Pete said…
I have hat gelato at the Bellagio, it is quite tasty and has a great texture. I just want to rub it in between my toes.
JCo said…
Pete - Pablo would love it if you did that.

Maybe gelati is German and gelato is Italian? That is my theory anyway.

And my favorite ice cream store is Dairy King - half the price of Dairy Queen and twice as much ice cream! I have only ever seen them in WV though.
Kris said…
Ok, this is very weird....all of a sudden, blogger is in German. Not the stuff that you guys wrote, but like it says 4 Kommentare instead of 4 comments. And it says amanda hat gesagt... then her comment! It's never done that before!
So, I'm thinking that gelati is the German word for does say hand made in Italy on the container. And yes, it's amazing! I'm not sure about rubbing it between my toes because it might get sticky, but I'm sure the initial feeling would be quite enjoyable!
Now, do I hit "Veroffentlichen" or "Vorschau" to submit this?
Kris said… was "Veroffenlichen"
Pete said…
Hum, that's interesting, but I think I may know what caused it. Blogger has rolled out a bunch of new features recently, and just last night we switched Tip O Da Day over to the new version. May be that is a side effect.

Wonder if this would help:
Amanda said…
Handles is delicious. My parents love it and we get it every time we go to NE Ohio.

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