Train Tip of the Day

It takes a little while to get use to taking the trains in Europe. A good thing to remember is that they are always on time. If your train takes off 10 minutes early, you are not on the right one. If your lucky, you'll be able to deboard at the next stop, and catch the next train...the right train. But only if you're lucky enough to speak French and understand that's what the guy on the train who only speaks French is telling you! Of course, if your train happens to side swipe a car on its way through town up a mountain to your resort, then, it may be late...but never early! So keep a good eye on your watch because several trains pass through each day on each platform.


Jay said…
We are officially tipping from all across the world!!!
Kris said…
And we'll continue to be international for at least 2 years!
I almost feel like I shouldn't be getting paid for this international reporting...wait, I'm not!

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