RSS Tip of our Birthday

Today is Pete & Jay's Tip O Da Day's 2 year birthday!

RSS, you may have heard of the term, or seen in on some web site somewhere or even seen the official RSS icon but most people don't know what that means or more importantly how to use it. What is means is the hard question. How to use it is the fun part:

Who else has had this senerio: You want to see when someone updates their blog, but not have to check it every day and worse yet, not forget to actually check it after its been a while. Using RSS with an RSS Reader you can check all your friends blogs in one place. We recommend Google Reader. If you are a Mac user, Safari has a built in RSS reader or you may also want to try Vienna.

And Tip O Da Day actually has a gift for you. Sticking with the RSS theme for today's tip, we have another fun thing made possible thanks to RSS. The Official Tip O Da Day Widget for Mac OS X 10.4 users. Unfortunately, we don't have a Widget for Windows users. But but their is a way to get basically the same thing. Download Yahoo! Widget Engine and once you get it install look for the "Yahoo! My Headlines", click the "My Yahoo!" button and add your favorite blogs (including this one I hope) by using the "Edit" link.

Oh ya, you'll probably need the address for our RSS feed, so here it is:

Another new feature today is the guest tipper form. If you've got a tip, and we know everyone's got something, check out our handy dandy "Submit a Tip" button at the top right!


Jay said…
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Tip-O-Da-Day.... Happy Birthday to you! Or, Happy Happy Birthday, from all of us to you; we wish it was our birthday, so we could party too, HEY!
Anonymous said…
But it is like our birthday and we can party! Everyone who has participated by offering a tip or leaving a comment or reading a's our time...let's celebrate with cheers and cake and laughter and fun. Happy Birthday to us all!
Jay said…
Also wanted to celebrate the cool new features: guest tip submission and a Mac Widget! Way to go!

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