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Chick-fil-A Tip of the Day

Chick-Fil-As in Lexington, KY are at it again. This week they are (again) giving away free breakfast. Here is the menu: This morning - Sausage Biscuit Wed and Thurs - Chicken Minis Fri and Sat - Chicken Biscuit

Help Tip of the Day

Thanks Benny, but I'm not sure if that's the kind of help I need.

Teen Age Tip of the Day

$5,000 in a ROTH IRA and a great fund can land big returns. Like $360,000 in 40 years. No Credit Needed as the details . Kind of makes you wish you were 18 all over again.

Flying Tip of the Day

I might as well drive. More major airlines are coming up with clever ways of sneaking money out of inexperienced travelers in a vain attempt to make money. In good news, today announced a price guarantee plan, where it will reimpursement if the cost for a particular flight goes down after you purchase the ticket.

Dishwasher Tip of the Day

Lots of lots of dishwashers, but how do you pick? What do you need? These days, being 2008, all dishwashers clean pretty well. They are all reasonably quiet, aka. quieter then your old dishwasher. So you have the basics covered. There is one other hidden bit to watch out for (da da dun): squishy racks. That right, squishy racks. The racks that hold the dishes in place. On the lower end models, the coating on the racks, over time can crack and flack off. That leaves rusting metal exposed in your dishwasher, touching your otherwise clean dishes. Dishwasher with minor rack damage, showing a little bit of rust In some cases in can get so bad that it may ruin and entire set of dishes but covering them in rust if your continue to use the dishwasher with large amounts of rust exposed. The solution is to look for racks you can't squish with your fingernail. When that is the case, you've likely found racks with a nylon coating. Also, Bosch has been long esteemed as making some of the

Appliance Shopping Tip of the Day

Walking into any appliance dealer and you will see rows and rows of fridges, dishwashers, dryers, and ranges. The first step when buying kitchen appliances is not to be distracted by the big ol TVs. You're here for the kitchen, and no you don't need a 56" plasma in the kitchen. What you do need is stuff to cook, cool and/or clean your food and dishes. It can be a daunting process, so that is why you need to enter Appliances R Us with a plan. The first step is determine what you need. You can literally spend anywhere from $300 to $3,000 on a single appliance. So the best thing to do is to determine what you need and want in an appliance. If your stove is broken, you probably need a stove that works. Any other amenities you want? In the next few days we'll be talking about specific things to look for in the different appliances, but you probably already have a pretty good reason why you're buying new appliances. So list want you like and don't like about one'

Hypermiling Tip of the Day

The cheapest way to get better gas mileage? Sure there are hydrogen and other fuel additives. Hybrid and electric vehicles. But all those cost money. To save gas without spending more you can just adjust your driving habits. To do it to the extreme is called hypermiling, but there are little tips that anyone can use save an MPG or two, such as "Don't use quick accelerations or brake heavily More from

Coupon Tip of the Day

So the savvy shopper picks through the coupons they get in the mail and throws out the rest. But sometimes the coupons are so good and they are to places you would visit anyway that you wish you had more. Well now you do. If you get Family savings Magazine in your area, they reprint online. (Just click on the "Now in Digital Online" button.) Love getting a Burrito from Sonic for 99¢? Now you can get one every day! You are only limited by your printer paper!

Less Wal-Mart Tip of the Day

Thanks to the new thing called the internets, you can actually subscribe to your groceries, or Marketplace: your favorite toilet paper . It is a new program from where you can have items from their Grocery department shipped to you every month . Plus you save 15%!