Hypermiling Tip of the Day

The cheapest way to get better gas mileage? Sure there are hydrogen and other fuel additives. Hybrid and electric vehicles. But all those cost money. To save gas without spending more you can just adjust your driving habits. To do it to the extreme is called hypermiling, but there are little tips that anyone can use save an MPG or two, such as "Don't use quick accelerations or brake heavily

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CGrim said…
I was listening to the Wall Street Journal radio show this morning, and they said that if you are going to be idling longer than 30 seconds, it actually saves gas to just turn your car off and turn it on again when you are ready to go. In under three minutes of idling, your car burns enough gas to travel a mile (even more if your A/C is on).
Pete said…
More on Hypermiling: http://www.gatherlittlebylittle.com/2008/06/12/hypermiling/

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