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Winterizing Tip of the Day

Lesson #1: Make sure that all your windows are not slightly cracked open. Thanks Stephen J.

Incarceration Tip of the Day

Lexington Kentucky has hit an infamous milestone. The place where a man has been arrested 1000 times. All the charges accruing in Lexington. For his 1,000th charge the judge sentenced Henry Earl to 1,000 days in jail saying it was only appropriate. Today's tip: Quit while you're ahead.

Taco Tip of the Day

Taco Bell is apparently allowing you to Steal a Taco tomorrow from 2pm to 6pm. Enjoy!

Cell Phone Tip of the Day

I can't believe I have never posted this before, but it is age old wisdom: Cell Phone companies are out to screw you Once you realize that, everything else makes a little more sense.

SSN Tip of the Day

"Accountants do not need your SSN when reimbursing expenses or paying you income of less than $600. Don't give it to them!" - Jim Harper

Halloween Party Tip of the Day

Here's an idea for a killer costume party. Everyone comes dressed as a famous saying/idioms. Such as " Two P's in iPod " or "Back seat driver". You could narrow it down a bit and say everyone has to dress like a famous movie line. For example you could dress as an " ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO " a you-are-here mall map for "You Had Me at Hello". If you live in California version do the Arnold Schwarzenegger version. Examples: " I'll be Bach " or the "Hasta la Visa, Baby". How can dressing up in a diaper cutting up credit cards not be fun?

Dining Tip of the Day

Remember to wear a long sleeve or a jacket into Red Lobster. It's kinda of cold in there sometimes.

Coffee + Car Tip of the Day

Tip 1: Test your coffee cup for leaks before drinking in the car. Tip 2: If you fail to follow tip 1, keep Shout Wipes in your glove compartment. Thanks Fowler

Coffee Tip of the Day

I don't drink coffee but I hear it is starting to catch on. If you want to taste this new fad for yourself, Barnes & Nobles will give you a free tall Starbucks with printable coupon . Choose from caffé latte, cappuccino, espresso, regular (boring) coffee or hot tea.

Potted Meat Food Product Tip of the Day

So a friend told me about an intriguing product he found on the top shelf at the grocery store. Libby's Potted Meat Food Product. What at first it sounds like a cousin to the Chia Pet, this wonder of the modern age contains an ingredient list straight from the ghost stores told to little chicks. "Mechanically Separated Chicken, Partially Defatted Beef Fatty Tissue, Partially Defatted Pork Fatty Tissue." Yum! More great canned meat products are showcased on this page

Gas Tip of the Day

There are reports that some gas stations in Lexington are listing their gas prices at one price on the sign, but then at the pump are actually charging a different price. The Swifty station on New Circle Rd. actually got shut down for this for a period of time at the send of September.

Lobster Tip of the Day

Red Lobster 's Endless Shrimp ends on November 10th, in case you were wondering.