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Photo Editing Tip of the Day

Want to touch up your photos before you post them online, but don't have iPhoto and there is no way you're going to shell out hundreds of dollars for Photoshop? Adobe has released Photoshop Express . It is all online so there is nothing to install plus it's free! It has an impressive range of features, including removing red eye and stylizing pictures. Plus it integrates with Facebook and Flickr. Before After

IRS Tip of the Day

Here's a tip to the IRS. Dear IRS, I will gladly pay taxes to live in the greatest country on our planet. But for the love of all things good and green, could you possibly make it any harder to pay you? As a college graduate who owns a business, a house and a dog, I don't claim to be a genius, but I should be able to easily figure out how much money I owe. Instead, I have to resort to hiring a tax professional at my own expense. I'd try it myself, but if I make a mistake, you'll find me, steal said house and dog (and college degree) and put me in jail. So I just wanted to say I think it's mean. As a business owner, I doubt I'd have any clients if I made them fill out a form to calculate how much money they owed me. When you owe someone money, you should get an invoice from them. Plain and simple. So send me a frickin' invoice, and I'll pay your frickin' taxes. Regards, Jason P.S. When I call you to ask a question about your insanely difficult process

Travel ID Tip of the Day

My tip may seem to be rather odd, but it can be a life saver- or at least a travel saver. See, I went to Iowa for a friend's wedding, and got my hair cut short. Ten inches off and donated to Locks of Love. The problem was that I only had a driver's license as a photo ID, and was using a bank receipt and SS card as back up IDs. No problem leaving. But then in Iowa, trying to fly home, the security officer looks at my drivers license of me as a long-haired sixteen-year-old, and says, "This isn't you." I laughed, I thought she was joking...she wasn't. I stood there panicking, trying to push the bank receipt on her, but she just kept repeating, "No. This in NOT you." My friend was verifying my Id, I was pulling out my SS card and insurance card, searching for my debit- which I've hide in my purse because then when souvenir shopping I have to think about if this cheesey junk is worth the effort. But she won't have it, instead she is insisting I