IRS Tip of the Day

Here's a tip to the IRS.

Dear IRS,

I will gladly pay taxes to live in the greatest country on our planet. But for the love of all things good and green, could you possibly make it any harder to pay you? As a college graduate who owns a business, a house and a dog, I don't claim to be a genius, but I should be able to easily figure out how much money I owe. Instead, I have to resort to hiring a tax professional at my own expense. I'd try it myself, but if I make a mistake, you'll find me, steal said house and dog (and college degree) and put me in jail. So I just wanted to say I think it's mean. As a business owner, I doubt I'd have any clients if I made them fill out a form to calculate how much money they owed me. When you owe someone money, you should get an invoice from them. Plain and simple. So send me a frickin' invoice, and I'll pay your frickin' taxes.


P.S. When I call you to ask a question about your insanely difficult process, whatever you do, do NOT hang up on me. TWICE.

P.P.S. When I finally do get to talk to you, do me a favor and try to actually know the answer to my question. If you don't even know how your system works, how can I be expected to know?


CGrim said…
You should use TurboTax. Not only do they scan your return for anything that might trigger an audit, they also have an option on there (it does cost a little extra) where if you DO get audited, TurboTax takes care of it for you. I know several self-employed people who use it and love it.

You should probably also read this, to make you feel better (caution: salty language).

In an ideal world, we would file our taxes on a 3x5 index card with only four lines:
How much did you make this year? _______
Subtract amount donated to charity. _______
Multiply by 0.05 _______
This is how much you owe.
JCo said…
Sounds like taxes were fun J. Eek.

And citizen grim...0.05 I wish. The things government gets away with when they take our money straight from our paycheck before we see it. Grrr.
Unknown said…
Since it would be a hassle to have different sales tax brackets based on how much income you make. We just need to tax the living daylights out of franchise players like Donald Trump. This system is the way of the queens

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