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E-Break Tip of the Day

Have you ever wondered what pulling your emergency break would do while traveling at a high rate of speed? Well don't, it's not good. In 100% of the cases we studied (totaling 2) we found that boyfriends and girlfriends broke-up not too long after the incident if both were in the car during the event. The E-Brake, "a great way to put a quick stop on your relationship!"

Reddi Wip of the Day

It happens time and again. You have had so much fun inhaling nitrous oxide from the whip cream in a can, that you used up all the propellant but not the actual whipped cream. What to do. The package warns heavily (even on the light cream container) to not puncture the can. But out of propellant you haven't anything to fear, but you should do it in a controlled environment. The best™ way to open your can is use the one thing in your kitchen that is designed to puncture cans, a can opener! Since whipped cream cans aren't designed to be opened, you have to hold the can opener so the blade is on the side, not top down as you would for opening canned beets. Proceed as expected, aka twist the twisty thing on the can opener and wha-la! Whipped cream, ready and waiting for something to be plunked down on top of!

Rabies Prevention Tip of the Day

For a helpful (albeit somewhat humorous) how-to video called, " Catch the bat! ": - Steph

Sync Tip of the Day

I have a computer at work and one at home, but there is always something on one machine you need on the other. It will happen, and it will be involvement when it happens. Two handy free solutions have recently made themselves know to me. If you have a Mac, sync your addressbook with Yahoo! you don't even need a Yahoo! email account, Sync your address book with Yahoo!. They provide simple step by step instructions For Mac or PC users, or if you use both. Dropbox is the most elegant solution for keeping files in sync on all your machines at once. It even makes sharing files and photos incredibly easy. Everything synced in the background, super quick and responsive. All its nifty features are laid out in a video over at . Dropbox is in private beta right now, but we have invites. Drop us a comment and we'll invite you to join (if we still have any invites left by the time you read this)

Harley Tip of the Day

Are you lonely and need a companion on those long motorcycle rides around town? Here's an instant friend. All credit on this picture goes to Renee

Water Cooler Tip of the Day

So the cold tab broke off your water cooler, what are you to do? Or better yet, what would McGyver do? He's stick a fork in it! All credit here goes to Dave !

Congress Tip of the Day is an englitening tool that shows you who is contributing cash to which politicians and how those politicians are voting on key bills in congress. It is scary how close the tie is. Video Tour

Phone Tip of the Day

Grand Central "allows you to have a phone number not attached to any particular location. Instead, you can program the number through the internet to forward to any phone you’re using at the moment, or directly to voicemail." You can even automatically route some people like family and friends to your cell and send others straight to voicemail! Thanks: A List Apart

Cow Tip of the Day

Chick-Fil-A's cow appreciation day is today. Dress like a cow from head to hoof for our 4th annual Cow Appreciation Day® (July 11, 2008) and get a complimentary combo meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) from Chick-fil-A. Not up for sporting the full cow look? Partial cow attire will still get you a complimentary entrĂ©e. Request a tall, cool Dr Pepper with your Chick-fil-A and complete your meal. Cow dressing tips at

Amazon Tip of the Day

$4.10 short of getting Free Super Saver Shipping at I have browsed around the site, trying to find anything useful that I can add to my cart so ave $8 on shipping. But now there is an easy answer. The Amazon Filler Item Finder , in one word, Awesome! Found Via: The Simple Dollar