E-Break Tip of the Day

Have you ever wondered what pulling your emergency break would do while traveling at a high rate of speed? Well don't, it's not good. In 100% of the cases we studied (totaling 2) we found that boyfriends and girlfriends broke-up not too long after the incident if both were in the car during the event.

The E-Brake, "a great way to put a quick stop on your relationship!"


JCo said…
Peter, I am glad you never pulled the emergency brake when I was in the car. :-)

~Your wife
Anonymous said…
My dad sent me this story from my hometown in PA: http://upperallenpolice.com/wp/?p=880
Pete said…
What? The police have their own blog?!? It really is 2008.

As for the two sources for this story, luckily no one was injured in those incidents.
Unknown said…
Yes if you dont want hurt someone's feelings by breaking up with them there are always these tactics.

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