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Goat Tip of the Day

If you don't want to marry a goat , don't try any hanky panky .

What is RSS Update of the Weekend

RSS, maybe you've heard of it, maybe not. To put it simply, RSS allows you to check one website and see all the updated blog enteries from your friends and new articles from sites you already check every day, in one place. RSS is a topic we've covered here before , but times change and new handy videos come out to help explain what RSS is and how to use it.

24 Tip of the Day

Imagine if '24' were set in 1994, a time before cell phones and fast Internet access. Imagine Jack Bauer being dependent on AOL, Windows 3.1 and floppy disks. If you can, then you have a taste of the fun you'll have watching this '24' parody: -Michael W. tip-unless you want slow internet, stay in 2008

Find Tip of the Day

Internet browsers have a feature that allow you to find a word on the page. You go to the Edit Menu -> Find on this Page or Ctrl+F on your keyboard. (Sorry, don't know the Mac shortcut - my guess is Command+F). Anyway, it will search through the page to find the word and by clicking next, you can see all the occurrences on that page. This may be an obvious tip for some, but I didn't learn it until a couple years ago and it is quite helpful. Bonus tip that I learned from The Office : You can use the Find and Replace (also Edit Menu) in Word Processing programs. Every time you have a word, you can change it to another word. In the show, Michael (aka Detective Michael Scarn) replaced "Dwight" with "Samuel L. Chang" (idiot sidekick).

Pricing Tip of the Day

Round numbers can cost you money. If your bidding on a website or selling your house, people are less likely to haggle if you don't use round numbers. That's why Wal-Mart's $2.74 feels like they cut the price by as much as they can because it's not $2.99

Waiting Tip of the Day

You decide to go to restaurant in downtown Lexington on a Saturday night (first mistake). You are there with fourteen other friends (second mistake). Be ready to wait. You even get a handy dandy pager. After about 45 minutes, you ask the waitress how much longer. You know it's a bad sign if she says, "Didn't we already seat you upstairs?" There was another group of 15 that came after our group and they got our place in line. Here's the tip - Guard your place carefully. You never know when there will be another insanely large group come roughly around the same time as you and swipe your spot in line. You might also try giving them an unusual number (15.74) - bet no one else will have that number.

Personal Space Tip of the Day

You're standing in line. The person behind you feels that if there is more than half an inch between you that the place in line will get stolen. This perfect stranger is standing so close to you that you can tell that he's a smoker, likes onions, and doesn't believe in deodorant. Your personal space bubble is about to pop. You glance behind you to make sure that it's not an inanimate object that doesn't know better. Nope, it's a real person who apparently was never taught to give people a little breathing room. Here's what you do to make him back off. Continually look back with the evil eye . Maybe he'll pick up the hint. Start rocking back and forth. You might "accidentally" bump him, causing him to take a step back. Use your purse or luggage to create a natural barrier. Swinging these are helpful. Start telling a story using gestures, the more erratic the movement, the better. Think large arm movements. If all else fails, start acting a bit

3rd Tip of our Bithday

Can you believe it? Pete & Jay's Tip O Da Day is 3 years old today. We just passed 1,000 tips last month. This website also decided to start it's own website, Tip of the Day Recommends… . Since we just did the big "best of" tip for our 1,000th tip. We'll recap the 22 tips between that time, with its own best of: Best Series 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 Best Way to save money while eating out: Three Way Tie Best Grammar Tip Best use of ™ Best things to do while you can't sleep Best tip we thought we posted years ago but didn't Best use of the word "cocky" Best consumer empowerment tip Best tip your mom always told you but you never believed The most free of anyone thing mentioned in a tip Best gift giving tip Best gift not getting tip The tip learned by almost everyone I knew at the same time The only christmas gift I've ever received as the result of a tip Oh wait, that's every tip since the 1,000th. We'll give one more award. Be

Restaurant Tip of the Weekend

dealnews has been a favorite of mine for a while. But I just found this catagory with amazing useful deals. Check out the dealnews Restaurant category . How does $5 off a $20 purchase at Logan's sound? How about $1 off any item at Coldstone (coulda used this last night)? Or free pancakes at IHOP (today only)?

Red Robin Tip of the Day

Red Robin resturant has some sort of bottomless fry basket thing, it's like bottomless coffee pot at IHOP where they both really do have a bottom it's just a fancyway to say all-you-can-eat. Well if you are really nice to your waitress/waiter you can ask them for a refill on your fries before you actually get your food. If your server decides to grant your wish, the fries will come to your table approximately the same time an appetizer would, plus you don't have to pay extra for em! Maybe that's what all the burgers are $9.75 there?

Chick-fil-A Tip of the Day

Chick-fil-A sells calendars that have coupons for every month. The calendars are only $5. January's coupon is a free chicken sandwich. You can also purchase a coffee mug for around $20 and get free refills for the year. If you go to Chick-fil-A often and/or like coffee, this is a great deal. Also, they are serving free breakfast on Mondays during the month of January at the Lexington branches.

PDA Tip of the Day 7

Your loved one calls while you are in the group. Here's a conversation that your friends should never hear: "I love you too...No, I love you more...nooooo, I love you more...You hang up first...Ok, still there?...You hang up first....On the count of three, we'll both hang you....three...Snookums?...Seriously, this time, we'll hang up...." This invokes the gag reflex in all around you. In order to avoid a cleanup in aisle 12, don't let this happen to you. Just hang up the phone already. You'll probably see them in 10 minutes anyway.

HydroSlide 2008™ Tip of the Day

Decide you want to get healthy in 2008? Don't like getting sweaty? Here's the plan for you: Start running in place while in the shower. If you like the elliptical machine better, lather your feet with soap before beginning. You may need to install a handicap bar in order to prevent a concussion. Do not install grippers on the tub floor or it will make it too hard to slide. -conglomerate tip from Hunter, Brett, and others

Car Talk Tip of the Day

More great Fuel Economy Tips from Car Talk

PDA Tip of the Day 6

Don't stick your hands in your partner's pockets or pants. It's one thing to retrieve a wallet if his hands are occupied, but as a general rule this is not a good idea. If you want somewhere to put your hands, your own pockets will do just fine. One TodD friend tells of a story when he was in Walmart waiting to return an item. One customer in front of him had her hand down the crack. Who wants to touch anything after this person?!?! Bonus tip: Carry disinfectant spray at all times.

Lack of Sleep Tip of the Day

You have a couple of weeks off for vacation or the holidays. The mysterious 'they' tell you to keep your normal sleeping cycle. Yeah right! It's my vacation, I'm not going to go to bed at 9:30pm, I'm just not going to do it. So, getting back on the schedule proves a little difficult. Here are some things you can do while you are waiting for your body to be tired before 1am. Tear the Under Penalty of Law tags off your new pillows. You own them, you can. Sew the seam of the pillow where you pulled the tag too hard, causing a rip. Darn your stockings. Think of words to use for the next game of Speed Scrabble . See how many people you can list from your high school class to prepare for your upcoming reunion. Organize under your sink . Write a tip of the day.

PDA Tip of the Day 5

Don't do anything in front of me you wouldn't do in front of your mother. Unless your mother's a tramp, in which case you should defer to other tips. -TVM

Literal Tip of the Day

Remember, if you use the word "literally," it means that whatever crazy thing you are about to say actually happened exactly as you are describing it . In the grand tradition of the Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks , there is also Literally, A Web Log , which tracks and documents the misuse of the word. Some choice examples: "We had 300 people outside, literally freezing to death." - Senator Hillary Clinton "[Britney Spears is] literally on a roller coaster to hell." - Dr. Timothy Brantley, PhD "If you and I do not speak up now, this homosexual steamroller will literally crush all decent men, women, and children who get in its way." - Rev. Jerry Falwell "It’s literally raining cats in the Puget Sound area..." - from an article about stray cats in NW Washington

PDA Tip of the Day 4

Do not overuse pet names in public. Hon is ok, but Snickerpookiepoo is not.

Honey Tip of the Day

Get the ruminants out of the honey out of your glass honey jar by pouring hot water in, and then using that to make tea…or crumpets. Thanks Jen

PDA Tip of the Day 3

When you are in a group, act like it. If you have to have a serious conversation or fight between just the two of you, wait until you are alone. Keep personal jokes to a minimum. You are still an individual person; it's awkward when your friends don't feel like they can just talk to one of you at a time.