Find Tip of the Day

Internet browsers have a feature that allow you to find a word on the page. You go to the Edit Menu -> Find on this Page or Ctrl+F on your keyboard. (Sorry, don't know the Mac shortcut - my guess is Command+F). Anyway, it will search through the page to find the word and by clicking next, you can see all the occurrences on that page.

This may be an obvious tip for some, but I didn't learn it until a couple years ago and it is quite helpful.

Bonus tip that I learned from The Office: You can use the Find and Replace (also Edit Menu) in Word Processing programs. Every time you have a word, you can change it to another word. In the show, Michael (aka Detective Michael Scarn) replaced "Dwight" with "Samuel L. Chang" (idiot sidekick).


Jules said…
Not sure on the PC, but Command+F will work in any program on a Mac to find what you're looking for in a document/screen. I've gotten so lazy, I don't spend the 10 seconds to look for anything more. Not if I can Command+F it in 2 seconds.
Amanda said…
Whoever came up with it was brilliant. I am currently taking a moment of silence in honor of the genius.

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