Waiting Tip of the Day

You decide to go to restaurant in downtown Lexington on a Saturday night (first mistake). You are there with fourteen other friends (second mistake). Be ready to wait. You even get a handy dandy pager. After about 45 minutes, you ask the waitress how much longer. You know it's a bad sign if she says, "Didn't we already seat you upstairs?" There was another group of 15 that came after our group and they got our place in line.

Here's the tip - Guard your place carefully. You never know when there will be another insanely large group come roughly around the same time as you and swipe your spot in line. You might also try giving them an unusual number (15.74) - bet no one else will have that number.


Anonymous said…
I'd hate to be that 74/100ths of a person.

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