3rd Tip of our Bithday

Can you believe it? Pete & Jay's Tip O Da Day is 3 years old today. We just passed 1,000 tips last month. This website also decided to start it's own website, Tip of the Day Recommends….

Since we just did the big "best of" tip for our 1,000th tip. We'll recap the 22 tips between that time, with its own best of:

Best Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Best Way to save money while eating out: Three Way Tie
Best Grammar Tip
Best use of ™
Best things to do while you can't sleep
Best tip we thought we posted years ago but didn't
Best use of the word "cocky"
Best consumer empowerment tip
Best tip your mom always told you but you never believed
The most free of anyone thing mentioned in a tip
Best gift giving tip
Best gift not getting tip
The tip learned by almost everyone I knew at the same time
The only christmas gift I've ever received as the result of a tip

Oh wait, that's every tip since the 1,000th. We'll give one more award. Best reader of tips: you. Thanks!


Amanda said…
Yeah, Happy Birthday!!!
JCo said…
The fish are still kickin' Jay! Thanks! Although, they really don't seem to eat much. Guess that is because they are soooo litte.

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