Personal Space Tip of the Day

You're standing in line. The person behind you feels that if there is more than half an inch between you that the place in line will get stolen. This perfect stranger is standing so close to you that you can tell that he's a smoker, likes onions, and doesn't believe in deodorant. Your personal space bubble is about to pop. You glance behind you to make sure that it's not an inanimate object that doesn't know better. Nope, it's a real person who apparently was never taught to give people a little breathing room. Here's what you do to make him back off.
  • Continually look back with the evil eye. Maybe he'll pick up the hint.
  • Start rocking back and forth. You might "accidentally" bump him, causing him to take a step back.
  • Use your purse or luggage to create a natural barrier. Swinging these are helpful.
  • Start telling a story using gestures, the more erratic the movement, the better. Think large arm movements.
  • If all else fails, start acting a bit crazy - talk to yourself, starting dancing in place, make a random scream every now and then.


JCo said…
Or maybe just ask overbearing stranger to back up. Who knows, he might just do it.
Amanda said…
Oh yes, there's that too :). Way to avoid the passive aggressive approach.
Anonymous said…
I personally like to reduce my speed on people who tailgate me. If they hit me its their fault.
Amanda said…
Two more ideas:
1) Let that person in front of you. Then you can determine the space and you look really nice.
2)Start coughing in his general direction (idea from my mom)
Pete said…
I'm not sure if the "acting a bit crazy" idea would actually work. People who stand too close seem like they maybe drawn to that sort of thing.

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