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Halloween Tip of the Day

Don't bring a fog machine to your office Halloween party.

Travel Tip of the Day

If you get an email noting that your purchased itinerary has changed, look carefully at *all* the flight times and not just the flights the airline says it changed (designated in bold by Delta, for example). Also, call them if you find the changes unsatisfactory. This is preferential to trip regret when you discover late in the game your itinerary is hours longer than your originally purchased one.

S'more Ideas

Mint Chocolate Chip Hersey's and Strawberries S'more: Overload S'more:  Extra large marshmallow with York, Reese's in between chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers. Mega Chocolate Peanut butter S'more: Chocolate Graham crackers, with peanut butter, Nutella, Reese's Peanut butter Cup & Reese's Chips

Allegiant Air Lexington Ticket Counter Hours - June 2013

For those trying to save money by buying your Allegiant Air Ticket at the airport ticket counter, it is always tricky to find out when the ticket counter will be open. Here is a photo of their Lexington, KY ticket counter hours for the rest of June 2013. For more tips on saving money on Allegiant be sure to check out our Allegiant Air Tip of the Day .

Spend Less Tip of the Day

Make a little reminder to yourself to not shop frivolously but setting your online shopping password to a phrase or keyword that reminds you to watch your spending. Examples (but please make your own): DoIReallyNeedThis WhatWouldDaveRamseySay NoMoreAngryBirdsExpansionPacks

Free Shipping Tip of the Day

If you needs just 23 more cents to get free shipping then you need a " filler item". There are lots of filler item finder sites out there, including the cleverly named Thanks Linda

How to Make Valentine's Breakfast in A Hurry

How to make a valentine's breakfast in a hurry. #valenvine #howtohurry — Steve Thorson (@sthorson) February 14, 2013