Red Robin Tip of the Day

Red Robin resturant has some sort of bottomless fry basket thing, it's like bottomless coffee pot at IHOP where they both really do have a bottom it's just a fancyway to say all-you-can-eat. Well if you are really nice to your waitress/waiter you can ask them for a refill on your fries before you actually get your food. If your server decides to grant your wish, the fries will come to your table approximately the same time an appetizer would, plus you don't have to pay extra for em! Maybe that's what all the burgers are $9.75 there?


Anonymous said…
They'll get you somewhere. The only way to beat them at their own game is to only get french fries.
CGrim said…
If you want to beat them at their own game, tell them that you're not leaving until they buy all their stuff back from you.

"I'll give you all the plates, cups, and utensils for $2 (a bargain!), but the table and seats are $15."
Pete said…
LOL Awesome idea Grim!

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