iTunes Backup Tip of the Weekend

No one wants to lose gobs of their personal data due to a hard drive crash, but it happens to the best of us. In such an event, obviously, you'll hate life a lot less if you've backed up recently. So, that's the first tip. Backup weekly if possible. If not possible, make it possible. The second tip is how to reimport your iTunes music (because iTunes likes to be a little anal about retaining control of your music library file.) Here's how it works:
  • First, make sure you have all your music gathered and backed up, and that you've kept everything in the "iTunes Music" folder.

  • You should have a file called "iTunes Library" or "iTunes Music Library" in this folder. If not, you may have an XML file.

  • Hold down the "Option" (Mac) "Alt" (PC) key and while holding it, open iTunes.

  • This will prompt you to select the whereabouts for your iTunes library data. Simply navigate to that file, and let iTunes begin the import process.

Note: This is also a great way to quickly use your own iTunes library on another person's computer from your backup drive. It will retain all your playlists, etc.

A third bonus tip: Per the beginning of this tip, be sure when backing up your music to also always back up the iTunes Music Library data file. It'll greatly aid in an iTunes restore.


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