Tour Tip of the Day

Some cities are more friendly than others. In Luxembourg City, Luxemburg (yes, they distinguish the spelling by not having an "o" in the name of the country), you may find yourself in luck if you happen to be a tourist. Just stand on the street corner with a map, fairly close to one of the tourist offices. If man comes up to you to ask what language you speak (they speak both German and French, but most people there speak English as well) Just kindly tell him. It may turn out that his job is to wander the streets looking for tourists to take them on a tour called "1000 years of history in 100 minutes". Granted, the tour actually takes about 3 hours, and that's only if you tell him that you're hungry and are going to eat lunch now, but the tour is free, friendly, and you'll see a lot more than you ever thought you would.


JCo said…
That is way cool K-Ris...think I could get a job doing that in Lexington?
Kris said…
I told Phil after we'd gone on our tour that I think I'd found a job for him after he leaves the army! Just pick any city in the world where he wants to live, learn about it, and give tours!

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