Telemarketing Tip of the Day

I got a phone call this evening asking for Mr. Morris. I immediately knew this was going to be fun. "This is CSA calling on behalf of…blah blah blah…firefighters…blah blah blah". As she was rattling off her script, that she has said one too many times to avoid blurring the words together, I remembered a tip I had heard somewhere, sometime before. When she got done explaining that they have a gold level of support front $50 and a silver level of support for $25. I asked her what cut of the money the company receives for their fund raising efforts. She instead told me how much the firefighters get: 25%! Can you believe that? She went on to tell me there was a bronze level of support for $15. Doing some quick math, that means that the firefighters would be getting $3.75 of every $15 I were to donate.

All of a sudden, I'm not the one who feels bad for turning down telefundriasers, I would feel worse if I actually donated.


CGrim said…
You should have asked her for the address of the firefighters' organization, so you can mail them a check directly.

If $12.50 = gold level of support, imagine what level you would be at if they got the whole $50!
Matt said…
Way to think on your feet, Pete.
Anonymous said…
So if ever I get the need to donate to local fire fighters... I'll give them the money straight out. Then it can't be taken out by taxes... and if there is no such thing as a tax on a public services then i'll write them a check.

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